ColorOS 7 update new features, review & changes in User Interface

ColorOS 7 update new features & review: ColorOS 7 has launched on 26 Nov 2019 in India. And a special event had been conducted on the launch of ColorOS 7 update. So you can think that this is not just an update.

ColorOS 7 has changed the way to use smartphones as it is faster, smoother, catchy and simple. This update also includes many new features like dark mode, improved digital wellbeing, Soloop video editor app, more customization in launcher and more.

ColorOS 7 Update new Features

Yes, ColorOS 7 is obviously based on Android 10 and has Android 10 features like full-screen view and the dark mode digital wellbeing etc.

But there are some other things so let’s have a closer look at the same now and as you can see this is the device layer next unloved and if you notice the layout and icons are a little bit different.

if we go over here in the display options we also have the dark mode on this one and if you can even let as you can see how you get to this dark mode which actually a lot of people these days like.

ColorOS 7 update new features & review

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Conclusion ColorOS 7

Oppo Reno series devices have got ColorOS 7 latest update based on Android 10. The ColorOS 7 Update brings many new features, changes in user interface and plenty of bugs fixes.

Changes in Android version

Android version in ColorOS 7 is updated from Android 9 to Android 10. And Android 10 by Google itself brings many new features and improvements to smartphones.

It brings dark mode and improved digital wellbeing.

Changes in camera

Camera in ColorOS 7 has improved a lot. As well as the camera user interface has also changed. Camera interface completely new design like Google Camera.

So you may no need to use Google Camera as default camera is an absolute copy of Google camera. It must behave like google camera.

Changes in Launcher

Launcher in this update has many customization options like you can change app icon type and size on the home screen. When you uninstall any app from the home screen it gives interesting sound.

oppo coloros 7 home screen
Oppo ColorOS 7 home screen
coloros 7 realme customized home screen
Realme ColorOS 7 HomeScreen

Changes in the Notification centre

Notification centre in this update has a completely new design. Icons are the smaller and square size in this update. The clock is also added to notification centre in this update.

You can now open the notification centre by swiping down on the home screen. Its optional feature you can switch between global search and notification centre by swiping down on home-screen.

coloros 7 realme customized notification
Realme ColorOS 7 Notification

Smart sidebar design

Smart sidebar designed has been changed and it is now single long line. It looks more professional than the previous one.


ColorOS 7 is faster, lighter and smoother than its previous version ColorOS 6. Animation in this update is faster and pretty cool.

colors 7 performance improvements
ColorOS 7 performance improvements

FingerPrint gesture

This update has new and attractive fingerprint gesture for in-display fingerprint devices.

Always-on display clocks

The always-on display is improved in ColorOS 7 and it has many options to change Clock style. And all the clocks are unique and different. It also includes analogue and digital clock style.

Music Party

Music party is a new feature added in this latest update. With the help of this music party app, you can play the same music on many devices at the same time to improve the overall sound quality and loudness in your party.

DocVault feature added

Oppo in partnership with Digi locker introduced DocVault. DocVault is a safe place for you all govt. authorized documents. You can keep all of your documents in soft copy in your DocVault.

ColorOS 7 update new features & review

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