Realme call display settings & incoming call problem

If you are searching for Realme call display settings feature in the system settings of your Realme phone then you will not find any such feature. You can find Call settings features as well as display settings features in your Realme device.

But there is no such option in Realme phone where you can manage all of your Call display settings in one place. You need to go through display settings as well as call settings to make changes.

Here we have explained why the incoming call is not showing on your Realme phone display and we have also provided the solution to your problem.

We have noticed a problem in Realme devices sometimes we only listen to ringtone sounds during the incoming call but nothing shows on the screen of the phone.

Incoming calls not showing on the Realme phone screen

In most cases, people forget after enabling the Do Not Disturb mode ON and it is the feature of the Do Not Disturb mode that it will not show incoming calls depending upon the settings you have done in your mobile.

Sometimes, Do not disturbed mode, Driving mode, and Riding mode create problems due to when incoming calls stop showing on the display of your mobile.

First of all, you should make sure that none of the features like Do Not Disturb, Driving, or Riding mode is enabled in your Realme device.

If you have checked and disabled all the three features mentioned above and still incoming calls are not showing on your Realme phone screen then we can proceed further to the next steps.

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Set phone app as default calling app

If you have installed third-party calling apps like the Jio Call app, Truecaller, and more then make sure you have set the Phone app as the default calling app. If not you can set the Phone app as the default calling app.

You can now follow the simple steps to set the built-in Phone app as the default calling app:

  • Go to System Settings in Realme phone.
  • Tap on the App Management option.
  • Tap on Default Apps.
  • Tap on the Phone App option.
  • Select the Contacts app as the default phone app.
  • In my case, I have not installed any third-party calling app.

Clear data for Phone App in Realme

Clearing data in the Phone app on a Realme device can fix the problem of incoming calls not showing on the Screen. Settings related to call display settings can control the incoming call on display but it is very hard to find these settings.

As these settings are not available in one place and can be found at various places in the settings in Realme devices. So it will reset all the settings related to the Phone app and will solve your issue in minutes.

You can follow the simple steps to clear data for the Phone app in Realme devices:

  • Go to System Settings in your Realme phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on App Management options.
  • Tap on the App List option.
  • Tap on two dots at the top right corner and then tap on the Show System option to view the system apps.
  • Now find the Phone app, and search for it if not visible from the long list.
  • Select the Phone app.
  • Now tap on Storage Usage.
  • Tap on Clear Data for the Phone app.
  • It will not delete any contact from your phone.
  • Tap on OK to proceed.
  • You have all done and your call will now be visible on your Realme phone screen.

If you have cleared the data for the Phone app now you need to follow the same steps for the Phone services app. Phone services app can also be found in the App list.

For more details on Incoming calls not showing on screen in Android devices, you can visit our dedicated article on Incoming call display settings.

Realme call display settings

If you want to make your incoming call screen more beautiful then you can do it by doing some changes in your Realme phone display settings.

You can now follow the simple steps to enable the beautiful edges on your Realme phone screen while receiving and making calls:

  • Go to system settings.
  • Tap on Personalizations.
  • Scroll down and select Edge Lighting.
  • Now here tap on Incoming Calls.
  • Select the desired color pattern.
  • Select the All contacts option or you can choose any of these accordingly.
incoming call in realme phone
incoming call in realme phone

We hope that you are now able to do changes in your Realme related to Call Display settings. If you have found this article helpful to you then please share it with your family and friends to help them too.

If you still have any questions or feedback then don’t hesitate to write us in the comments section below.

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