iOS 13 theme download for oppo realme ColorOS devices

iOS 13 theme download for oppo realme: If you have oppo or realme device and you want user mobile user interface look like Apple iPhone. You have come to the right place, here you can download and install iOS 13 theme for your oppo realme devices.

This theme is free to download and easy to apply in oppo realme working on ColorOS user interface. We have provided a download link to this theme below in this post.

We also have provided the download link to all iPhone stock wallpapers so that you can apply iOS wallpapers on your mobile home-screen and lock-screen. Applying iOS 13 theme along with iPhone wallpapers give your mobile premium look.


What’s in iOS 13 theme

This iOS 13 theme consists of the same user interface as the original Apple iOS 13 operating system. So after applying this theme in your mobile, you can feel your android mobile user interface like Apple iPhone. So let’s first discuss features of iOS 13 theme.


Icons in this theme are taken from iOS original user interface. Icons in this theme are clear and in high quality.


Dialpad in this theme is quite similar to iOS 13 original user interface.

File Manager

File manager in this theme is slightly different from normal ColorOS UI. And icons in the file manager are inspired by iPhone file manager icons.

System Settings

The user interface in the system settings interface is inspired by iOS 13. Settings sub-icons are taken from iPhone and some of the names of the services are changed. Service name changed to iPhone service names.

iOS theme for oppo realme preview

ios 13 theme for oppo realme settings, dialpad and file manager

Download Theme related files

Here you can download iOS 13 theme for all ColorOS devices as well as you can download iPhone stock wallpapers. When you apply iOS 13 theme with iPhone stock wallpapers, it will give feel like iPhone. Download given below required files.


How to apply iOS theme realme mobile

Follow the simple steps to apply custom themes in oppo realme mobiles:

  • Download and install any ColorOS theme store app if not already installed in your mobile.
  • Download the theme file from the download link given above.
  • Simply click on the downloaded theme file to install it on your mobile.
  • Click on try now.
  • Your theme is installed on your mobile.
  • Restart your mobile to apply the theme completely.
  • Enjoy the theme.

iOS dark theme for oppo realme

Here you can download one more complementary theme for your oppo or realme device. This theme is also inspired with iOS but theme is the dark version of the iOS theme. Feature of iOS dark theme are as follows:

  • The theme icons are inspired by the iPhone.
  • This theme is a dark theme.
  • This theme has dark wallpaper and lock screen.


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