How to protect eyes from mobile screen

How to protect eyes from mobile screen

How to protect eyes from mobile screen : If you start your day with your mobile and end your day while looking at your mobile screen or you spend most of your time on Laptop / Computer then this is most important article for you. Here you will come to how to protect eyes from mobile screen.

Because use of mobile and laptop for long time causing so many eye problems like Obscenity, Myopia and eye dryness etc.

Dryness of Eyes

Normally we blink our eyes 12-14 times in a single minute but while looking at mobile screen or laptop screen our eye blinking rate decreases. And we only blink our eyes 6-7 times in a minute causing our eyes fluid to evaporate and dryness  of our eyes.

Fortunately, there are lots of eye drops available in the market by using them you can have instant relief. There are two types of eye drops : with preservative and without preservative.

Without preservative eye drops are one times use only and are more expansive than with preservative eye drops.

With preservative eye drops have preservative mixed in theme to prevent the growth of bacteria in them. But some people finds with preservative eye drops irritating. You can use with preservative if you don’t have any irritation.

Best blue light filter Android App

Mobile screen produces harmful blue light. Looking on mobile screen for long time can damage eye retina also. Blue light also affects sleeping time of individual. Blue light also contribute to digital eyestrain. You will feel strain on your eyes when you look at mobile or laptop screen.

Digital eyestrain can be reduced by decreasing amount of blue light reaching to your eyes. Using blue light filter android app is the best option.

Blue light filter app can decrease the amount of blue light or completely block the blue light to come out of mobile screen. 

New mobile comes with blue light filter app out of the box. You can also use your built in blue light filter app in your android mobile.

Here is the list of best blue light filter android app :- 

Eye Protector Glasses

You can also wear blue light filter glasses to reduce the blue light to enter to your eyes. Now a days blue light filter glasses are becoming popular because everybody is using mobile phone and spending a lot of time on mobile screen by watching movies, surfing internet or playing games etc.

So it is very necessary to use blue light filter eye glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. You can also check blue light filter eye glasses from link given below.

Why blue light is harmful to eyes

Sunlight is made up of seven colour lights and a white looking light can have a large amount of blue light in it. Blue light is very useful in day time because it increase memory, keep our mind alert and also help in wake-up and sleep cycle.

But blue light at night can be very dangerous to our eyes. Because it send signals  to our brain that it is day time and brain works accordingly.

Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration and Blue light also contributes to digital eye strain. Our eye is not very good at blocking blue light.

Using mobile for long time causes Myopia

Our eyes are mainly made to see long distance objects but when we keep use mobile or laptop for long time everyday then our body thinks that looking on near objects is more important than looking on long distance objects.

So our eye ball size stats increasing to see near objects clearly. Due to increase in eye ball size object image doesn’t focus on retina properly for long distance objects. This problem is named as Myopia (Short Sightness).

Myopia is permanent and can’t be cured with any type of medicines. But eye sight can be corrected by using glasses.

In a study it has been proven that children below 10 year age are more prone to Myopia if they use mobile or laptop for long time every day.

Reduce eyestrain

Eyestrain can be decreased by simple formula of 20-20-20.

First 20 is for looking 20 minutes on mobile or laptop screen to work or play etc. You should not look continuously more than 20 minutes on screen.

Second 20 is for looking 20 feet distance objects after using 20 minute laptop or mobile.

Third 20 is for blinking your eyes 20 times naturally while looking at 20 feet or more distance object.

These are the simple tips to protect your eyes from mobile of laptop but If you are having problems in your eyes for long time then you must check with eye specialist because eyes are most important part of our body.

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