How to recover formatted data from pen drive

How to recover formatted data from pen drive

How to recover formatted data from pen drive : If you have deleted your important data from you pen drive and now you want to recover formatted data from pen drive then you are at the right place because here i will show you two absolutely free ways to recover formatted data from pen drive.

First way is recover formatted data from pen drive with Recuva software. Here you will be able to download Recuva in your computer with free activation key.

Second i will show you how to recover formatted data from pen drive using cmd. This method is also absolutely free but required to type some cmd in cmd prompt but don’t worry its very much easy and reliable. This method recover corrupted files from a corrupted pen drive.

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How to recover formatted data from pen drive with Recuva

There are plenty of software available to download on internet which can recover your data formatted data from pen drive.
Recuva is a paid software but it also provide some free functionality so we will be using Recuva software to recover all of your deleted files from Pen Drive.


  • Recuva Direct Download with free activation key.
  • Download Recuva From CCleaner website.
  • Install Recuva in your Computer.
  • Don’t forget to un-check Ccleaner during installation otherwise CCleaner will be installed automatically in your Computer.
Follow the steps given below to recover deleted files from your Pen Drive or any other Drive using Recuva software. By following this method you can also recover all data from any drive internal or external.
  • Open Recuva in your Computer.
  • Now select which type of files do you want to recover. If you want to recover all of your data then select All files other select accordingly and click on next.
  • If you have very sensitive or very important data in your pen drive then check “yes create a disk image first” and click on next otherwise simply click on next.
  • Select “In a specific location” and provide your pen drive path by clicking on browse and click on next.
  • Now click on scan in next window.
  • You all files will be recovered. Here you will find all of your files to recover. You can recover files with green dot before them because they are not overwritten and completely safe to recover.


  • File with yellow or red dot before their name are recoverable but its not sure they will work or not completely. Those files may damaged because of overwritten.
  • Now select the files you want to recover and click on recover button on bottom right of you computer screen.
  • It will ask you for location where you want to save these file so you should always select another drive. I recommend to select anywhere on your desktop or D drive in a new folder for easy recognition.
  • Now all of your deleted files have recovered enjoy your recovered data.

How to recover data from formatted pen drive using cmd

If you want to try cmd prompt to recover you data from corrupted pen drive then we have cmd prompt method to repair and recover it.
Note :- Command prompt ability is restricted to a very large extent so you will not be able to recover all of your deleted files. In this case you should follow method one (should use any data recovery software).
Be careful while typing any command in cmd prompt because a small mistype may cause you big loss.
1. Plugin your pen drive to your Computer.
2. Open the cmd prompt in your Computer to recover data from your corrupted pen drive.
3. Press windows key with R to go to run.
4. Type cmd in Run and press enter to open the cmd prompt.
5. Now type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:*.*” for example “attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:*.*” 
(here G is the pen drive latter you can see your pen drive latter in My computer or This PC option in windows explorer)

Recover deleted file from recycle bin using cmd

This method is to open recycle bin using cmd prompt
1. Press windows key with R then Run will open.
2. Type cmd and press enter in Run, command prompt will open.
3. Here type “start shell:RecycleBinFolder” and press enter. It will open the recycle bin folder.
4. Select the files to restore. 

Recover files from Raw drive using cmd

This method works for corrupted or inaccessible external drive like HDD/SD/SSD/USB Pen Drive.
  • Connect you external drive to your computer.
  • Login with administrator account.
  • Open the cmd prompt in your computer.
  • Type “chkdsk drive letter: /r/f” for example “chkdsk G: /r/f” and hit enter. (Here G is the drive latter in my case, change it according to your drive latter for your external drive/USB/HDD).
  • Now type “diskpart” in cmd prompt and press enter.


  • Now type “rescan” and press enter and wait for process to complete.
  • Now again you can check recovered files by typing “chkdsk G: /r/f” and press enter.

Your lost file will be recovered. Now enjoy your recovered files. In some case cmd prompt doesn’t recover all of your data so you should try Software to recover your file like Recuva or EaseUS etc. Whatever you like to use.

How to recover formatted data from pen drive Conclusion

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I hope, Now you came to know that how to recover formatted data from Pen Drive.

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