MiUi 11 vs ColorOS 7 features detailed comparison and review

MiUi 11 vs ColorOS 7 comparison: Xiaomi has launched MiUi 11 on October 16, 2019 in India. And Oppo has also launched ColorOS 7 on November 26, 2019, in India. So here we have compared MiUi 11 and ColorOS 7 in details.

MiUi and ColorOS both are User Interfaces designed by Xiaomi and Oppo respectively. MiUi comes in Mi and Redmi devices whereas ColorOS comes in Oppo and realme devices.

MiUi has launched initially for K20 Pro and few more devices. And ColorOS 7 has initially launched for Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.

MiUi 11 is based on Android 9. However, it will be made available on Android 10 after some time. And ColorOS 7 is based on Android 10.

MiUi 11 vs ColorOS 7

Android Version

MiUi 11

MiUi 11 is based on Android 9 but it will be available on Android 10 very soon.

ColorOS 7

ColorOS 11 is based on latest Android 10. So here ColorOS 7 has an advantage over MiUi 11.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is the most demanding feature in Android mobile. The dark mode protects the user’s eyes and it also decreases the power consumption and increases battery backup of the smartphone.

MiUi 11

The dark mode is available on MiUi 10 and it works for all apps in Xiaomi devices. But in third party apps, it is not completely supported. You have to apply force dark mode on third-party apps. So due to force dark mode, you may find issues in a few apps.

ColorOS 7

The system-wide dark mode is also available in ColorOS 7. And the dark mode in ColorOS 7 is much batter than MiUi 11. ColorOS 7 support top 200 third party apps available on google play store. All those apps are officially supported for dark mode in ColorOS 7.

So the dark mode is the batter in ColorOS 7 than MiUi 11.

Look & Feel

MiUi 11

  • There is a dedicated theme store available in MiUi 11 to change themes and wallpapers.
  • Lockscreen and home screen magazine is also available in MiUi 11.
  • You can also set always-on display with different clocks including analogue and digital clocks.
  • You can also add a customizable signature with an always-on display.
  • You can’t customize icon shape and size in MiUi 11. You need to change the theme to change icon styles.

MiUi Apps interface

miui 11 apps user interface
MiUI 11 Apps Look & design

ColorOS 7

  • ColorOS 7 has its new theme store app with wallpaper, theme and font style support.
  • There are lock screen and home screen magazine available in ColorOS 7.
  • You can also set always-on display on AMOLED screen devices with different analogue and digital clock styles.
  • You can customize icons size and shape in ColorOS 7. It was not available in ColorOS 6.

ColorOS 7 Apps design

coloros 7 interface image
ColorOS 7 Interface

ColorOS 7 Support live icons

Here both are almost same but ColorOS 7 is having the advantage of having the option to change the shape and size of icons.

Notification panel

MiUi 11

The notification panel has circular shape icons and looks pretty good.

MiUi 11 notification center and panel
MiUi 11 Notification Center

ColorOS 7

The notification panel has square shape icons and looks pretty good.

ColorOS 7 Notification center and lock screen
ColorOS 7 Notification center

Smart Assistant

Both User Interfaces have Smart Assistant with almost the same functionality. You can enjoy smart assistant in MiUi 11 as well as in ColorOS 7 also.

Always on Display

MiUi 11

Miui 11 always on display clock options
MiUI 11 Always-on display clock designs

ColorOS 7

ColorOS 7 also have good always-on display design. But there are more options available in MiUI 11.

Dual Apps Support

MiUi 11

You can use a number of apps as dual apps in MiUi 11.

ColorOS 7

A very little number of apps are supported as dual apps in ColorOS 7.

MiUi 11 is having the advantage of supporting more apps as the dual app as compare to ColorOS 7.

Fingerprint scanner animation

Both of the UI’s are having few fingerprint scanner animation styles. You can change fingerprint scanner animation in both of the devices.

Games space

Both of the user interfaces are having game space option but MiUi 11 game space provide more customization options than ColorOS 7.

Batter efficiency

ColorOS 7

Battery backup in ColorOS 7 is amazing due to its lightweight as compared to MiUi 11.

Charging speed in all ColorOS 7 devices is just amazing with SuperVOOC flash charging technology.

Some users have reported that power consumption in MiUi 11 is higher than its previous version MiUi 10. We hope Xiaomi will fix it soon.

ColorOS 7 is more power-efficient than its previous version ColroOS 6.

ColorOS 7 is also having batter power saving options than MiUi 11 in power saving settings.

So here we can say that ColorOS 7 is more power-efficient than MiUi 11.


ColorOS 7

ColorOS has a tie-up with the Indian government to use Digilocker as its built-in feature.

MiUi 11

MiUi 11 is having dual space option to improve your data privacy.

Both the User Interface have the option to hide photos and videos in their default file manager and gallery apps.

Camera UI

MiUi 11

MiUi 11 has a smooth and very user-friendly camera user interface. And it provides a variety of features. It’s feature-rich. It has different types of mode to capture photographs.

ColorOS 7

ColorOS 7 camera user interface is also very nice but sometimes you need to struggle to find features. ColorOS 7 camera user interface is much improved than ColorOS 6. You can find lots of different features and mode in the ColorOS 7 user interface.

Camera UI in MiUi 11 is batter than ColorOS 7.

Screenshot option

ColorOS 7 has feature rich three-finger screenshot option. You can capture your device screen, the amount you want to capture.

You can also take a screenshot with three fingers in MiUi 11 but it is having less functionality than ColorOS 7.

MiUi 11 More features

Document viewer

MiUI 11 is having built-in Mi document app to open all types of documents. While ColorOS 7 is dependent on third-party apps to open documents. However, third-party apps also do this work very well.

MiUI 11 Built in document viewer app
Mi Doc viewer

Floating calculator

Record without typing

Features Table MiUI 11 vs ColorOS 7

FeaturesMiUI 11ColorOS 7
Android Version910
Dark ModeYesBatter
Theme StoreBatterYes
Font style optionYesNo
Icon size & shape
change option
App DrawerYesYes
Game SpaceBatterYes
Always-on displayYesYes
Clone AppsBatterYes
Gesture & MotionYesYes
Camera UIBatterGood
Annoying AdsYesNo
Hide AppsYesYes
Hide Photos &
Smart AssistantYesBatter
Steps TrackerYesBatter
Wifi ShareYesNo
Split ScreenYesYes
Battery SaverYesBatter
Built-in Doc ViewerYesNo
Doc ScannerNoYes
Period TrackerYesNo
Floating CalculatorYesNo

ColorOS 7 vs MiUi 11 video comparison

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