Realme OS features, supported devices & release date

Realme OS features: This article is all about realme os features and supported devices. We have also discussed about realme os release date in india. All realme os news here.

Realme OS news

Realme OS: Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has officially announced that realme is working on its own OS (operating system). And realme is going to launch Realme OS soon as confirmed by Realme. Realme current devices are working on ColorOS UI by Oppo.

Oppo ColorOS is a very skinned UI so Realme has to work so hard to provide a new feature in ColorOS on its users demand. So realme is planning a light and fast bug free UI. To fullfull users demand realme has booked a trademark on 24 Jan 19 for its own operating system in UK trademark offices.

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realme os user interface images with notification panel, multitasker and settings menu.
Realme os preview images

Realme OS Supported Devices

Realme OS will be based on Android Q but this is not confirmed by realme officials. Realme has recently launched a mysterious project X for its realme 3 Pro. This mysterious project X is based on Realme OS.

Recently Realme CEO has address to a meeting and told that all of Realme devices will get RealmeOS update. You can read the realme CEO Madhav Sheth wording about RealmeOS update and supported devices below.

realme os features

Realme CEO about RealmeOS

If we have any sort of OS, all the devices will have the same thing. All the devices from Realme 1 to the last one we will or we have launched. That is very clear.

We don’t stick to that basically, certain devices will only get certain features. All our features from our Rs 5,000 phone go up to Rs 30,000 phone so that everybody can enjoy those features. We never categorize the features according to the price point.

So it has been clear that realme all devices will get upgrade to RealmeOS in near future. But may take much time as no realme devices has got RealmeOS update.

realme project X for realme OS
Realme Project X for Realme OS

Realme 3 Pro Realme OS beta update

So we can hope that Realme 3 Pro may be the first mobile from realme that will get Realme OS beta version.

realme os features

Realme X series with Realme OS

Realme X series all mobiles including Realme X will get update to Realme OS. Some rumors says that realme X pro will be launched with Realme OS.

So Realme X pro may be the first device that will be launched with Realme OS out of the box.

Realme may release Realme OS update for all of its existing devices optionally later in 2020. But it is not confirmed yet.

Realme OS beta version for few selected users has already been released. But beta version for testing is not released publicly.

realme os beta update features
Realme OS update

Realme X pro with Realme OS

Rumors also says that Realme X pro will be launched with Realme OS stable version. And realme x pro is going to be launch this year in 2019. So we can hope for Realme OS to be launch in 2019 itself.

Final release date for Realme OS has not confirmed yet. We will update realme os final release date when it will be confirmed by realme on its official website or social media accounts.

realme os beta update
Realme OS beta Update

Realme os release date

Realme OS is still in development and its beta version still has not released publicly. But it is going to be launch very soon as confirmed by realme itself. Its beta version will for released for Realme 3 Pro first for testing and after some time its stable version will be released.

Realme OS features

  • Realme OS is not going to be a stock android user interface but it will be very close to stock android.
  • Realme OS will be the combination of Google stock android and ColorOS 6.
  • Realme OS will be the light weight and fast user interface.
  • Realme OS will be based on Android Q.
  • Realme all existing apps will be supported in realme new OS.
  • Existing camera modes will be added to Realme OS.
  • Realme OS will have a new user interface.
  • Notification icons will be changed to round shape and short in size.
  • You will be able to change font style and size in Realme OS.
  • Realme OS will have system wide dark mode.
  • Batter RAM management for faster and smooth experience.
  • Batter Hotspot management and setting.
  • Dedicated apps hide/unhide option.
  • Increased security with system encryption option.

realme os features

RealmeOS requirement

Realme current devices are based on OPPO custom UI named as ColorOS. While the realme has made certain changes to realme ColorOS version on its young customers demand.

But due bulkiness of ColorOS Realme is unable to made major changes in its user interface to meet the requirement of realme young customers.

To complete its users expectations realme is planning its own and brand new OS known as RealmeOS.

We hope that realme will launch it soon and realme new devices will get it out of the box. We also hope that realme all devices from Realme 1 to the latest realme devices will get it in 2020 first quarter.

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