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Oppo dark theme: Welcome guys, In this article we are going to discuss about oppo dark theme and here we have provided download link to unlimited oppo themes.

All of these themes also work in realme devices, as oppo and realme runs on same user interface. Both realme and oppo smartphones are powered by ColorOS UI.

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There are basically two ways to change oppo themes. First is download theme store app for your smartphone and search for your desired theme in theme store app. And second is downloading and installing custom themes.

Both of the above mentioned methods required theme store app to be downloaded in your mobile. Now in this article we have shown you both of the ways to change oppo dark theme specially.

How to download oppo theme store

There is official oppo theme store app available on internet. You can download it from link given below if it is not pre-installed in your mobile. Or you can also download it to update your theme store to the latest version also.

Click on the Download button given below to download the latest oppo theme store app in your mobile.

Now install the theme store app in your smartphone. Simply click on the app to install it.

Apply Oppo dark theme

How to change oppo theme

Open the oppo theme store app and search for “black and dark” theme. (search option is located on the top in the theme store app)


Choose the dark theme and download it.

After downloading the oppo dark theme apply option will come, Now click on apply button to apply the theme.

Tutorial images

Now wait a few seconds to apply the theme in your mobile completely.

Now theme shown on oppo theme store app screen will be similar to theme you have applied.

You have all done. Enjoy the latest oppo dark theme in your oppo smartphone.

Oppo dark theme preview

Change theme in oppo realme video tutorial

Oppo dark theme custom download

Now you can also download and install dark theme in your oppo device. Follow the steps given below to apply the custom black and dark theme in your oppo mobile.

Click on the download button to download Blacky custom theme for your oppo and realme device.

Download Blacky dark theme

Download the required theme for your oppo or realme mobile and then click on the downloaded theme to install it.

Note: Theme manager / theme store app is required to install the custom theme so first install the Oppo / realme / coloros theme store app in your mobile.

Now when you click on custom theme to install it you will find two options.

You just need to click on try now. Don’t click on buy it will ask you money.

Wait for a few seconds,

Now you have all done. Your custom oppo dark theme has been installed.

Download material dark theme

How to apply custom oppo realme theme Video tutorial

How to fix 05 minutes trial for custom themes

Custom theme may show you 05 minutes trail only. After 05 minutes it will again ask you to pay money to activate it permanently in your mobile. So fix this issue follow the steps given below :-

  • Close the theme store app after installing custom themes.
  • Long press on the theme store app icon in app drawer or home screen.
  • Click on app info option.
  • Settings for theme store will open.
  • Uninstall the latest update for theme store.
  • Or completely uninstall the theme store app.
  • Open the theme store app and then clear it from recent apps.
  • Do it 3-4 times (open theme store then close and clear from recent apps)
  • You have all done and activated your installed custom theme permanently.
  • Enjoy oppo dark theme in you smartphone.

You can also watch video tutorial for oppo dark theme. Video link is given below.

We hope that you like this article and you came to know how to change theme in oppo and realme devices.

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