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TechnicalPuruji: Technical information about Android mobile. This especially an Oppo & Realme mobile related blog.

Welcome to TechnicalPuruji. This is a mobile computer technology related tutorial website where you will get all the information related to mobile, computer, YouTube and Blogger and you will get all the information with the video so that you can understand it easily. You can search for it by writing Technical Puruji on Google.

Key Features of Technical Puruji Blog

  1. All posts in Technical Puruji will be found in Hindi & English so that you can understand it easily.
  2. In Technical Puruji, you will get information about computers and laptops, if you want to learn computers, then you can easily learn here and along with it, if there is any problem in your computer, you will also find the solution easily here. For that you can search inside my website, related to your problem, all such posts which are related to removing the problem of computer and laptop, you will find them separately in Troubleshooting.
  3. In TechnicalPuruji you will also find Tutorials related to mobile phones, if there is a problem in your mobile phone, then you will find the solution easily here and in this blog, you will also get reviews of good Android apps.
  4. In TechnicalPuruji how do you root android mobile and what can you do in your mobile by rooting and flashing custom recovery in your androids like TWRP Recovery and how to do custom ROM in your android mobile with all these topics Related blogs and videos related to them will also be available.
  5. The biggest feature of the TechnicalPuruji blog is that here along with the posts, you will find videos related to the same topic, which you can easily understand by viewing and all those videos will also be able to see your mother tongue in Hindi.
  6. On this blog, you will first get every information related to Realme, here before the arrival of Realme products, their estimated information like product price, product launch date, product technical information, etc. will also be available.
  7. On this blog, you will also find TUTORIALS associated with ColorOS of Realme.

Important things to note

We have tried to give all the information in the right and right place in our website TechnicalPuruji, if you find any error/mistake in it, then you can tell us in the comment box, we will try to correct it and our objective is to provide you with the right information.

We have to do it, but even if all the information on our website or blog is 100% correct or not, there is no guarantee. We bring all the information from the internet through research or our own experience, we do not manufacture them.

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