How to use google lens in Realme mobile

Use google lens in realme : All realme devices support google lens after coloros 6 update. It was not supported well in coloros previous version. You can download google lens latest version from google play store in your realme devices.

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What is google lens

Google lens is the app developed by google. It is an application used to recognize images using image recognition technology. It is used to show the related information to the objects it identifies with visual analysis.

This app is also available as a standalone app and it is also integrated in android stock camera app. It was first announced in Google I/O 2017. It is very useful app. And this app is getting new features on its every update.

Google lens features

When you point your smartphone camera on any object using google lens app it will attempt to identify the object on screen, barcode, QR code and show you its details and similar objects.

You can use google lens to identify the unknown objects, scan bar-codes, QR codes and more. It can also show you names of animals, plants, trees and other objects on screen using camera.

This app can be very helpful to kids also. You can use this app for fun and learning purpose also. This app is now available on google play store for every android mobile to download and install.

Use of google lens android app by google is totally free and its an ads free app. This app is having clear interface. It is very easy to use google lens app.

This app is also integrated with google assistant and google photos.

Uses of Google Lens app

This app can be used for many purposes. You can use this app as a learning app, for fun and for professional uses also.

You can scan QR codes, Bar codes and more.

Wen you point your android mobile camera on wifi label containing wifi password and username, it will automatically connect your device to the wifi. You need not to enter wifi password and connect device to wifi manually.

It can scan the text from paper also and copy to your phone.

You can use it for text to speech outputs.

You just scan any recipe and google lens will show to the complete procedure to prepare the scanned recipe.

Now this app has also gained the capability to copy text, read handwriting, make calls to recognized phone numbers, identify objects, books, movies, plants, animals, and landmarks.

Download google lens in Realme device

This app is available on Google play store to download. This app is completely free to install and use without any ads.

Google lens Apk download

Google play store download

How to use Google Lens in realme mobile

Now use of google lens is same in all android mobile. Here we will discuss how to use google lens in realme mobile and other devices also.

To use google lens there are lot of ways. But the simplest way to use google lens is download google lens app in your android mobile if it is not pre-installed in your mobile.

Now you just have to open the google lens app and your camera will automatically starts scanning objects. Now click on the capture button or on the object on your mobile screen which your are trying to identify.

Google lens will automatically show complete details about the object or show similar results to you. This is very simple.

You can also use google lens from google assistant because it google lens is integrated with google assistant.

Now whatever you are scanning with your camera using google lens it will show you related results. Google lens can scan QR codes, Bar codes, copy text from pages and identify animals, plants, building and more.

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