How to recover deleted files from camscanner complete guide

How to recover deleted files from camscanner: Camscanner is the best ever document scanning app available on google play store and market.

What is Camscanner

Camscanner is world’s best document scanning app which is available free to download and use. Its paid version with some more premium features is also available to download. Click on the download button to download camscanner now.

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Recover deleted files from CamScanner

If you have camscanner installed in your android mobile or iphone then you may have scanned some of your documents in camscanner. And all those documents may not be visible now.

Reasons for camscanner lost files

  • Recently You have formatted your mobile.
  • You have uninstalled and reinstalled Camscanner app.
  • You have factory reset your mobile.
  • You have not uploaded your scanned documents on Camscanner id.
  • You have not signed in your Camscanner id again.
  • You have not synced your documents from your previous Camscanner id.

Recover CamScanner deleted files

If you have saved your documents/files/images on camscanner account then you can easily retrieve/recover all of those files in your mobile again. You only have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Download and installed the latest and official version of CamScanner app from authorized app store like play store or from camscanner official website.
  • Login to camscanner id ( Note – Login to id in which you have uploaded your documents.)
  • Turn ON your mobile internet connection.
  • Synchronize all of your data available on your id with your mobile.
  • Your files/documents/images will be restored shortly.
  • Time taken in syncs totally depends on the size of your data available on your camscanner account and internet connection speed.
  • All of your data has been synchronized. Enjoy with your restored data.

How to recover deleted files from camscanner complete video tutorial

By following the above mention steps you could be able to recover and restore your scanned documents.

If this method doesn’t work for you then may have to switch to the next step. Now you have to use data recovery software in your mobile.

Note:- You are not able to restore your data with above-mentioned step then the possibility is that you have not synchronized your data on camscanner account before it was deleted from your mobile local storage.

You can still recover your data but the possibilities are very less. Because in this case, we have to recover our data from local mobile storage only.

There is plenty of software available on the internet that can recover deleted data from your mobile. You can also use Recuva software to recover your deleted files from your mobile as well as computer.

Recover deleted files with recovery software

Its totally depends on the location where you have installed the Camscanner App in your mobile. If you have not moved your camscanner app then it could have installed in device memory.

Normally all apps create a folder in the device storage with the app name and all related files are saved in that folder.

In this case, your first step is to check where your CamScanner app has been installed on your mobile. To check its location you have to go to settings > applications > camscanner and check where it has been installed.

If the Camscanner app is installed on SD card, then there are so many easy ways to recover it. Now you just have to try good recovery software. You can use any good data recovery software.

Since most of the data that you want to recover are documents/images, now you can also try Recuva data recovery software. Recuva software rescues all types of documents, images, videos and many other types of files that are deleted mistakenly or corrupted due to any reason.

Follow the given below steps to recover deleted files from camscanner :

Download and install Recuva on your computer.

Connect the Memory card to Computer in any way. ( You can connect your memory card with the card reader or you can directly connect your mobile to your computer with data cable )

Open the Recuva app and scan the storage drive to find all the deleted and lost data.

All recently deleted files will be shown there now preview files and choose files you want to recover and save them on your computer desktop in a new folder.

You have all done. All of your deleted files are successfully recovered.

Note:- Recover your deleted files as soon as you can recover theme because if you follow this procedure after some time your deleted files may be overwritten and then you will not be able to recover all those your important files in any way. So do recover your files now.

Camscanner data recovery official guide

Question: I’ve changed my phone. How to transfer all my documents to the new phone?
Answer: You can transfer your documents by Cloud sync:
Please log in your CamScanner account on on PC first to check whether your docs on old phone are synced. If not, please pull the doc list on your old phone to sync.
To find your CamScanner login ID:
open the CS app on your old phone–>tap the button on top left–>tap your account name
Log in with the same account on your new phone. Your docs will be downloaded after a few minutes.
Please note CamScanner doesn’t sync in the background, so please connect your phone with wifi and do NOT close the app otherwise the download may be suspended.
CamScanner syncs only under wifi by default. If you want to sync also with mobile data, please set it in CS settings–sync–auto sync–over wifi or mobile network.


I’ve tapped the backup button but still cannot find the documents in SD card, why? How can I export documents to my new phone?


1. If you have backed up documents in the old phone, you can find the docs in /intsig/camscanner/databases_backup. If you’ve ever set to save the docs to external SD card, please check the docs in SD card/Android/data/com.intsig.camscanner/files/Intsig/CamScanner/databases_backup

After backing up, please copy the whole CamScanner folder from the old phone to your new phone’s internal SD card. After copying, open CamScanner app, go to settings and tap “Security and Backup”. Choose “Restore” then you can restore all the documents.

2. Transferring documents may cause data corruption, so the restoring may fail sometimes. To avoid the problem, we recommend you to register a CamScanner account after backing up. By signing into CamScanner account, all docs will be synced to the cloud ( You can sign into the web on PC to check synced documents. After syncing, you can retrieve all docs by signing into the CamScanner app with the SAME account on your new phone.

This guide can also help you in some special cases.

Question: I’ve changed my phone and copied the whole CamScanner folder to the new phone, but when I open CamScanner app on the new phone, the copied documents do not show up. Why? How can I restore those documents?

Answer: The CamScanner files CANNOT be restored simply by moving the [CamScanner] folder to the new phone. If you still have access to your old phone, you have three ways to transfer data:

1.With sync feature
If you have a CamScanner account in your old phone, please sign in to CamScanner on to check your files there. Then sign in with the SAME CS (camscanner) account on your new phone, your files will be downloaded automatically. If you don’t have a CamScanner account, you can sign up for it either on the web or in the app and then sign in on your old phone to sync files.

2. If you have backed up the data in CamScanner by clicking CamScanner settings – security & backup – backup on your old phone, you can restore your data by moving the [IntSig] folder into the root directory of internal sd card of your new phone and then clicking CamScanner Settings->Security & Backup->Restore.

3. The last way is to import the images into CamScanner maunually.
The images are saved in /CamScanner/.images/.bak (It is a hidden folder). You can select and share them to CamScanner in your phone again. Sorry that all file names, tags and notes cannot be restored in this way.
Note: As CamScanner files cannot be restored simply by moving its folder in sdcard, it is recommended to back up CamScanner data by the CS cloud service in case of any unexpected data loss.

Question: I’ve deleted a document by mistake. Can I restore it?
Answer: If the document had been synced to the Cloud, you can restore it from the “Recycle Bin” of on PC.

And the Basic users can restore documents which were deleted in the past 7 days. For premium users, the limit is 30 days.

Documents that hadn’t been synced cannot be restored at any cost.

We hope that you find this article ” How to recover deleted files from camscanner ” helpful and recovered your deleted files from camscanner.

If you have any question or suggestion then let us know in the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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    copy the whole CamScanner folder from the old phone to new phone open CamScanner app, go to settings and tap “Security and Backup”. Choose “Restore” then you can restore all the documents.

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