10000mAh Mi power bank 2i vs 10000mAh realme power bank comparison

10000mAh Mi power bank 2i vs 10000mAh realme power bank comparison

Mi power bank vs realme power bank: Realme has just launched its first power bank in India. It was made to compete Mi power bank 2i so in this article, we are going a detailed comparison between Mi power bank and realme power bank.

Power bank highlight

Realme vs Mi power bank 2i design comparison

10000mAh Realme power bank design

The realme power bank is launched in Sep 2019 while the Mi power bank 2i was launched on 07 Mar 18. The realme power bank is having a fashionable design and available in 03 colour yellow, red and grey variants.

realme power bank design

To free you from any burden, the thickness of the edge is as small as 12.5nm and the weight is as light as a can of coke. It could offer you an enjoyable in-hand feel with superior and premium finish on the surface. Plus, the distinctive realme logo, streamlined edge and classic colours can make a style statement.

10000mAh Mi power bank 2i design

The aluminium alloy case boasts of structural strength that can withstand collisions and impacts. The 180-degree ergonomic arc design provides a secure hand grip. The smooth anodized finish is resistant to sweat, corrosion daily wear.

mi power bank design

Mi power bank 2i vs realme power bank Specification Comparison

Output overvoltage protection Yes Yes
Output overcurrent protection Yes Yes
Input overvoltage protection Yes Yes
Input short-voltage protectionNo Yes
Input large fluctuation protectionNo Yes
Cell temperature protection Yes Yes
Overcharge and over-discharge protection Yes Yes
short circuit protection Yes Yes
Electrostatic protectionNo Yes
Electromagnetic field protectionNo Yes
Reset mechanism Yes Yes
Incorrect insertion protection Yes No
Chip thermal shutdown protectionNo Yes
PTC protective circuit for cell Yes No

Technical specification comparison

Tech specsMiRealme
Dual USB output Yes Yes
Two-way quick charge Yes Yes
Low power charging Yes Yes
Protection layers0912
Battery typeLithium polymer Lithium polymer
Power Output18W (Max)
18W (Max)
Charging time4.5Hrs with
18W Charger
06 Hrs with
10W charger
3.28Hrs with
18W charger
5.36 Hrs with
10W charger
Type-C portNoYes
Colour variantsRed, Yellow, GreyRed, Blue, Black

Realme vs Mi power bank price comparison

Mi power bankRealme power bank
899 Rs1299 Rs

Mi vs realme power bank summary

Now you have checked all features and specifications Mi and realme power banks. Both of these are having almost the same specifications.

Both of these power banks features 10,000mAh battery capacity.

Realme power bank is having some more protections, which is a plus point in realme power bank. Realme power bank also features type C charging port which helps realme power bank to charge very fast as compare to Mi power bank.

Although realme power bank is having some more features but Mi power bank is available at a reasonable price. Realme power bank is too high with 10,000 mAh battery.

Realme can never compete Mi power bank 2i at this price range.

Realme vs Mi power bank comparison winner

High battery mAh value shows long-lasting battery backup. Here both of these power banks are having same mAh value so both are equal in terms of battery capacity.

Realme power bank charges faster than Mi power bank so in terms of fast charging realme power bank is the clear winner.

The major factor in comparison is price. Mi power bank with the almost same specification and same battery capacity is available at cheaper price than realme power bank so Mi power bank is the winner in terms of price.

I think Mi power bank is also the overall winner here.

We hope that you like this article and found it informative. Now, which is your favourite power bank let us know in the comment box below?

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  1. Xiaomi power bank doesn’t have type C port than how charge my mi A3 smartphone which comes with type C port . So i should buy realme power bank or not


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