Official realme ringtone download for free

From Here can download realme ringtone in your mobile. We have provided direct download link to realme ringtones in this post. You can also listen official realme ringtone before downloading also.

Realme ringtone

Realme Ringtone download : If you want to download official realme ringtone in your mobile then you have came at right place. Here you will be able to download Realme default ringtone. We have provided download link to all realme ringtones in the bottom of this post.

Realme is the sub-brand from Oppo electronics so most of the hardware and software used in realme devices are provided by Oppo. Realme became so popular in a very little time.

Realme all devices are value for money devices and this thing made realme so popular in very short period of time. So in this article we are going to play and download some top Realme ringtones.

Realme ringtones download

Here you can listen official realme ringtone in your mobile. Just click on the below audio file link to listen realme ringtone.

Realme Tune (realme default ringtone)

Realme ringtone 001

Realme ringtone 002

Realme ringtone 003

Realme ringtone 004

Realme ringtone 005

Realme ringtone 006

Realme ringtone 007

Realme ringtone 008

Realme ringtone 009

Realme ringtone 010

Download all realme ringtones in Zip

Download all official realme ringtones in a single zip file from download link given below. This zip files contains 16 notification and 25 realme ringtones. Download and unzip this file and unzip. Now you can use all these ringtones in your mobile.

Google drive download link


Mediafire Download link


Official realme ringtone download file details

It is official realme ringtone available to download. It is very small in size. It’s only 338KB in size. You can download it in your mobile with just a single click and it will not take more than few seconds to download.

How to apply realme ringtone in any mobile

You can set realme ringtone as ring tone in any mobile, you just need to follow below mentioned simple steps.

There are two methods to change ringtone in mobile.

Method 1

  1. Open setting in your mobile.
  2. Go to sounds & vibration.
  3. Click on Ringtones option.
  4. Now here you select any ringtone from the ringtone list.
  5. Click on “select on files” and select the downloaded ringtone from the mobile storage.
  6. You have all done. Your custom ringtone is set. Now your can enjoy your favorite ringtone on your realme mobile.

Method 2

Download any ringtone in your mobile.

Open the audio file in file manager.

Press and hold on audio file you want to set as ringtone.

Now click on “Set as ringtone” option.

You have all done.

Enjoy the new ringtone in your mobile.

Note – In some cases 2nd method may not work but 1st option will definitely work.

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