Privacy policy

Privacy policy

What kind of information do we collect is a famous blog, here we do not collect any kind of information of readers/visitors except email ID and we only store your email id when you apply for a subscription yourself.

We never share your email ID with the third party. In our blog, you can subscribe to your email and get information about our new post by email.

Do we share your information with the third party

We do not sell anything of any kind and do not share any information with any third party, even if you subscribe to our blogger with your email id, your email id is absolutely safe.

You cannot publish a link to any type of website on our website or a link to a post on your website without taking our permission.

If you go to the comment of our website and post a link to a website or post, then that comment will be deleted.

Terms and conditions of TechnicalPuruji

We can change our terms and conditions at any time. If you see any change in our website, then please check this page.

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