How to hide Notch in oppo realme Android mobiles | Notch hide Wallpaper

Hide notch in oppo realme and other android mobiles: If you have any android mobile with notch and you want to hide it then you are at right place. Here we are going to show you a very simple trick that can remove or hide your android mobile notch.

This trick is the same for all Android mobiles. Whatever the device you have oppo realme Samsung Vivo, Xiaomi Redmi or any other android mobile, You can just hide your device notch in a single click.

How to hide Notch in oppo realme

How to hide the notch in any android mobile

As we all know that we can’t make changes in smartphone hardware. We can’t replace your notch display with a without notch display but we can hide it smartly so that your device will look without a notch.

You can reverse this change at any time as this change is software-based. We are going to remove your android mobile notch with an application named as Nacho Notch.

How to hide Notch in oppo realme

Download Notch Hider app

You have to download Nacho Notch app from the download link given below. After installing Nacho Notch app in your mobile follow the simple steps given below in the post. First, download this app from any one of two links given below.

Direct download link


Google Play Download link


The Notch hider app Nacho Notch is also available on google play store so you can also use the 02nd link to download the latest app.

How to hide Notch in oppo realme

How to use Nacho Notch app

Now you have downloaded the notch hider app in your mobile. Second part is how to set up this app to hide the notch in your oppo realme or any other devices.

Follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open Nacho Notch app in your android mobile.
  • Click on VIEW ONLINE option given below, it will open in the browser. Here you can read its terms and conditions.
  • Close the browser and come back to the nacho notch app.
  • Select I Agree option and click on the check sign.
  • Add notch shortcut in the notification panel by dragging it from more shortcuts.
  • Click on show notch in the notification panel.
  • You have all done.
  • It will automatically detect the size of your device notch and hide it accordingly.

If you want to enable round corners you can do it in Nacho Notch app settings by clicking on upper right corner on the menu button. If you have any issue with this app, you can watch this video tutorial.

How to hide Notch in oppo realme

Hide mobile notch with wallpapers

hide notch with wallpapers

You can also hide your android mobile notch with wallpapers. It is very much easy than you think. You just have to select wallpapers black from the top to hide your mobile notch.

This trick works in all mobiles including Apple and Android mobile. But this trick has limitations. You can hide your mobile notch at home screen only.

You have to use Nacho Notch app or any other notch hider app to hide your mobile notch completely.

Download link to 100 HD+ Wallpapers that can hide your mobile notch is given below.

Hide Notch wallpapers for Mobile



We hope that you like this post and found helpful to you. If you have any question or feedback then let us know in the comment box below. Your feedback is always appreciated to us.

Finally, we hope you have come to know that how to hide the notch in oppo realme Samsung Vivo and Xiaomi devices. You can also hide your android mobile notch with notch hide wallpapers, this trick with notch hide wallpaper works in every mobile.

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