How to change oppo font style and font all oppo apk download

Oppo Font Style: There is no option to change the font in ColorOS 6 and below version oppo smartphones. So in this post, we have added font all oppo download links. And here you will come to know many ways to change the oppo font style.

In the launch event of ColorOS 7 on 26 Nov 2019 in India, Oppo has officially announced that all ColorOS 7 and above devices including oppo and realme will get built-in option to change font style and size.

We didn’t receive ColorOS 7 Update yet so that we want to show you how to change font style in oppo older devices.

Oppo Font Style Change

We have many options to change font style in oppo devices. I will show you at least three different methods to change font style in ColorOS based oppo devices. All three different methods to change font style in oppo devices are as follows:

Change Oppo Font Style with ColorOS Theme Store App

First Method: You can change font style in all oppo devices with ColorOS theme store app version 6.4.0 and above.

  • In this method, you just have to download the Oppo/ColorOS theme store app from download link give below and install the theme store app.
  • Open ColorOS theme store app 6.4.0 and select fonts.
  • Select the desired font you want to apply.
  • Click on try now option.
  • Apply the font style. You have all done. You have successfully changed to font style in your oppo mobile.

Oppo/ColorOS Theme store app with font change support


File Size: 18.3MB

Custom oppo font style apk

You can also change font style with oppo font apk so here we have 30 oppo font apk in a single zip file for you. You can change 30 fonts with this oppo font files.

Here we have font all oppo apk download link.


How to install oppo font apk & change font style

We have also attached a video tutorial for you to understand the font style change process in oppo easily.

Follow the simple steps to change font style with these oppo font apk files. This process includes few steps to apply font style in any oppo mobile.

  • Download the oppo font apk file from the above download link.
  • Unzip the Zip file you have downloaded.
  • Install any one font style apk by simply clicking on it.
  • Now open System Settings >> Language & Region >> Change to Myanmar.
  • Now again go to System Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Support Dial Characters >> Enable.
  • You have all done. Your font file has been changed.

Watch the video tutorial completely for more information

Video Link:

Font All Oppo Apk Download

There are so many Android apps available on the internet those are capable of changing font style in oppo devices. Here we have some Android apps that can change font style in oppo devices easily.

So here we have font all oppo apk download links:

Classic Font Style App

Google Play Store

Cute Font Style Oppo App


Myanmar Font Style


Oppo Fonts Version 1.4



We have provided multiple options to you to change font style in oppo devices. You can change font style with ColorOS theme store and you can change font style with custom font style apk files and we have also provided font all oppo apk download link to you.

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