Realme UI 2.0 update new features list

You may be excited to know about Realme UI 2.0 update new features for all Realme smartphones. So in this post, we are going to know about Realme UI 2.0 update latest features for Indian & global smartphones.

Realme has started rolling out Realme UI 2.0 update for Realme X50 Pro. This update is about 3 months delayed as Realme has said that Realme UI 2.0 update would be released in the month of Sep 20.

But Realme X50 Pro devices are getting this update in Dec 2020. Anyway the wait is over and Realme X50 Pro device has started receiving Realme UI 2.0 update on 04 Dec 2020.

Realme UI 2.0 update new features

Android Upgrade

Realme UI 2.0 is based on Android 11 version by Google. So all realme devices which will get Realme UI 2.0 Update will be upgraded to the latest version of Android 11.


  • Create your own wallpaper by picking colours from your photos.
  • Third-party icons from third-party launchers like Apus, Microsoft, Nova are now supported.
  • Three Dark mode styles including Enhanced, medium & gentle are added.
realme ui 2.0 update Three dark mode styles
Three dark mode styles

High Efficiency

  • Drag text, images & files from any floating window as well as from one app to another app in Split-screen mode.
  • Smart Sidebar editing page is optimized. You can now customize the order of items in the smart sidebar.
realme ui 2.0 update icon customization feature
Icon customization feature
realme ui 2.0 update third party launcher support
third party launcher support

System Changes

  • Tone tunes feature added for notification sounds.
  • Do Not Disturb Schedule feature added.
  • New visuals are added for list and editing pages in Notes User Interface.
  • New weather animations are added for the interesting experience.
  • Vibration effects for text input & gameplay are optimized.
  • Auto-brightness 🔆 feature is more effective.

Changes in Launcher

New feature added to remove a folder or combine it with another one on the home screen.
Feature added to Filter apps by letters, install time, or usage frequency in Drawer mode for easy finding the apps.

Security & Privacy

  • System cloner new feature added. Now you can create a system clone from your main system.
  • App lock turn on or off feature added in Quick Settings.
  • Low battery alert message feature added. (You can quickly send message to specified people when your phone battery is lower than 15%).
  • SOS function optimized with useful features.
  • New feature added for Emergency info to first responders.
  • Permission manager is Optimized with Allow only once feature for batter privacy protection.
realme ui 2.0 New features for Privacy Protection
New features for Privacy Protection


  • Immersive mode feature added to reduces disturbances during gameplay.
  • The game Assistant feature is optimized.


Personal hotspot can be shared via a QR code with others.


  • Cloud Sync for Private Safe feature added to sync the photos in your Private Safe to the cloud.
  • Photo editing feature optimized with more markup effects and filters and upgraded algorithms.

HeyTap Cloud

  • Backup photos, documents, system settings and easily migrate to a new phone with HeyTap Cloud.
  • Types of data can be selected to be backed up or restored.


  • Instantly share and edit photos or videos with shortcut feature added.
  • Inertial zoom feature added which makes zooming smoother during video shooting.
  • Lens stain detection feature added in the system camera app.
  • Level & grid feature added to help you compose videos.

Realme Lab

Sleep Capsule feature added to help you schedule downtime & secure your sleep time.

Note: Feature added in Realme Lab is under beta testing so the data provided by Realme Lab features may not match with the real data.


Sound amplifier 📢 feature added in Accessibility to amplify faint sounds in the environment and soften loud sounds when wearing earphones.


Always on Display (AOD) optimized with new features and new clock.

realme ui 2.0 new feature AOD optimized
AOD feature optimized

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