4 Ways to take Screenshot in realme | How to screenshot in realme

This article is all about How to take a screenshot in realme phones. We have explained all possible ways to take screenshots in Realme devices.

04 Ways to capture screen in realme devices: There are 04 ways to capture screen in Oppo Realme devices. In this post, we are going to discuss all 04 ways to take a screenshot in Realme devices. This tutorial is the same for Oppo and Realme devices because both smartphone brands work on ColorOS UI.

This post can change your way to capture your Realme mobile screen. We will also discuss 01 best way to take a screenshot in the Realme devices.

How to take a screenshot in Realme phones

There are at least 04 ways available to capture screens in Realme smartphones. So here we are going to discuss all of these, one by one. So let’s start with Realme’s main method.

1. Screenshot with Button press method

You can capture your mobile screen by pressing down the power button with the volume down button for 1-2 seconds.

This is the easiest way to take a screenshot in Realme devices. You need not set any settings before doing this. All other methods are required to do some settings to capture a screenshot.

Realme also recommends taking a screenshot by pressing physical buttons.

2. Screen Capture with Three-fingers Side method

You can also take a screenshot in your Realme mobile by sliding down your three-finger on your mobile screen. This method is the easiest method to capture mobile screens in Realme mobiles.

But the three-finger slide method requires to do some settings before doing this operation. Because by default, this method is disabled in Realme mobile. First, you need to configure this setting.

Follow the given below simple steps to enable the three-finger slide screen capture method:

Settings>>Convenience Aid>>Gesture & Motion>>3-Finger Screenshot>>Enable

  • Open system settings in your Realme device.
  • Scroll down to the Convenience Aid option and open it.
  • Here you will find Gesture & Motion option open it.
  • Now enable the 3-Finger Screenshot option.
  • You have all done.
  • Go to the required page, and slide down any three fingers together on the screen.
  • The screenshot will be saved in Internal Storage>>DCIM>>Screenshot location.
  • Your screenshot will also be available in Device Photo Gallery.
how to capture screen in reamle with gesture and motion

3. Screenshot with Assistive Ball

You can take a screenshot with the help of an assistive ball in your ColorOS mobile. To capture your Realme mobile screen you first need to enable Assistive Ball in system settings.

The assistive ball is a translucent circle that floats on the screen. It consists of many settings shortcuts. You can set its setting shortcuts manually according to your requirements.

Enable assistive ball by following simple steps:

Settings>>Convenience Aid>>Assistive Ball>>Tap Menu>>Enable it

By default, the screenshot option is given in Tap Menu, if it is not selected then you can touch the icon you want to change with the screenshot icon.

how to capture screen in reamle with assistive ball

4. Screenshot with Smart Sidebar

You can also take a screenshot with the help of a smart sidebar in ColorOS devices. To capture screenshots with the smart sidebar you need to enable the smart sidebar feature in settings.

Follow the given below simple steps in your oppo realme devices to enable the smart sidebar:

Settings>>Convenience Aid>>Smart Sidebar>>Smart Sidebar>>Enable it

Now after enabling this feature, Smart Sidebar will stick to the middle right side of your mobile screen. It’s a white line stuck on the right side of the screen.

Swipe your finger from the extreme middle right side to the left side of your mobile screen. Smart Sidebar will open, here you can find the screenshot option.

Go to the desired screen you want to capture, open the smart sidebar, and click on the screenshot shortcut icon. You have captured the screenshot.

how to capture screen in reamle with smart sidebar

How to capture long screenshot in realme

  • You can easily capture full site/blog or other long-length pages with your Realme device.
  • To take a long screenshot, click on the long Screenshot option in the right lower corner of the screen.
  • Click on this option within 1-2 seconds of capturing any screen otherwise, this option will disappear automatically.
  • You can also edit and share captured screenshots during the saving process.

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After reading this post you came to know how to take a screenshot in Realme devices. So we hope that you liked this post and found it informative to you.

If you have any questions then let us know in the comment box below.

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