Realme 2 Pro ColorOS 6 stable update download

Important Notice:- Realme 2 Pro Color OS 6 is having major issue. It stuck while manually updating so Realme has withdrawn download link right now.

We will provide a new download link after fixing the stuck bug in Realme 2 Pro update So come back here after some time.

6 steps to Install Stable ColorOS 6 on Realme 2 Pro :-

  1. Flash Color OS 6 ROM.
  2. Restart the phone.
  3. If it works great else follow step 4
  4. Go back to recovery and wipe out data and cache.
  5. Restart the phone.
  6. Wait for 5-7 Minutes it will move forward to boot screen. 

Note: Your Download will automatically start in 60 Seconds. Checkout the countdown for more info. You need not to do anything, you just have to wait to download your desired file.

We have added 02 download links on this page for the same file : 

  1. First download link is Google drive link that will start automatically after the 15 Seconds countdown completes.
  2. Second link is Media-Fire download link that will not start automatically. But still you can also download your file from Mediafire by clicking on “Click here if your download does not begin” text. Link is given below these lines.

How to download your file from Google drive

To download your file from Google drive download link you need not to do anything, just wait for countdown to reach 0. After that your download will start automatically.

How to Download your file from Mediafire link

If you wish to download your file from Mediafire link then you have to click on “Click here if your download does not begin” text showing below the countdown before the countdown reaches to 0.

When you click on mediafire link you will be redirected to medafire download link instead of Google drive download link.

Why we have given two links to download same file

We have given two download links to download the same file because if due to any reason Google drive links fails then you must be able to download you desired file from alternative link, which is provided by mediafire.

This is the redundancy of the download link so that our visitors never panic regarding download links.

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