How to hide DP in Whatsapp for particular person

We were unable to hide DP in Whatsapp for particular person in previous versions of Whatsapp but Whatsapp has released a new update in Q2 of 2022 which support DP hide for particular person option.

So to use this feature you must update your Whatsapp to the latest version from Google play store for Android phones and from Apple store for iPhones.

We also have provided direct download link to official version of Whatsapp for Android, Windows and iPhones. You will also find the official links for Whatsapp from reliable sources in this post.

Hide Whatsapp DP from specific person

Before going to the solution we want to provide interesting information about Whatsapp and DP.

What is DP in Whatsapp

The full form of DP is Display Picture and it is also known as profile picture. Display picture or profile picture was first used by Facebook on internet and it is being used by every social media platform.

In the latest version of whatsapp it is renamed as Profile Photo. People are still knowing Whatsapp profile photo as DP.

Whatsapp History

Whatsapp was initially launched in Feb 2009 in California USA. It was first developed by a Russian developer hired by Brian Acton and Jan Koum for iPhones. But later it was made available for Android, Mac and Windows PC also.

Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who were former employees of the world famous Yahoo! company.

Now you can see Whatsapp has become the most popular app across the world. Whatsapp has more than 5Billion downloads from Google play store. Whatsapp has achieved this milestone even when it is blocked in China after 2017.

Whatsapp was a simple app when it was developed in 2009 and now it has become a biggest messaging platform and support many other features like video calling, voice calling, file sharing, location sharing and more.

We always find that Whatsapp is getting regular updates for many years and new features are being added to Whatsapp. You have now full privacy control of your Whatsapp account and you can set is according to your requirement.

Hide DP in Whatsapp for particular person

Whatsapp is getting updates on regular basis with bugs fixes, improved performance and new features are being added frequently. You have now more privacy control of your account.

After Whatsapp version update, Whatsapp users are now able to hide Display picture for a particular person and selected specific people.

New whatsapp update provide you feature to hide dp in whatsapp for particular person without blocking that specific person and deleting that contact number from your phone.

Navigate to following directory Whatsapp >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Profile Photo >> My Contacts except… and select the specific person or more than one person to hide the DP from them.

You can also hide DP in Whatsapp for particular person after latest updates. Follow the simple steps to hide DP in Whatsapp for particular person:

  • Update Whatsapp to the latest version.
  • Open Whatsapp in your mobile.
  • Tap on 3 dots on top right corner of whatsapp.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Account.
  • Now click on Privacy.
  • Tap on Profile Photo.
  • Select My contacts except… option.
  • Select the required contact from the list.
  • Click on check button on bottom right of screen.
  • Your selected contact is hidden from seeing your DP.
steps to hide dp for specific person in whatsapp
whatsapp account privacy options
whatsapp profile photo dp hide for specific person

You can now change the DP to your favorite one and the selected person will not be able to see you DP. He/She will see a blank on your DP in his whatsapp.

This is a new feature and I must tell you that this feature was most awaited feature by Whatsapp users. So this feature is very much useful for many people across the world.

Because many times we see that some or a particular person try to force some rules on us and we can’t make him angry due to many reasons.

So this feature will help you to set your favorite DP without knowing to some predefined specific people.

Update Whatsapp to latest version

You can now update your Whatsapp to the latest available version from reliable and official sources. After updating Whatsapp to the latest version, you will be able to control your account privacy to next level.

Download Whatsapp from Official site

Update Whatsapp for Android phones

Update Whatsapp for iPhones

Update Whatsapp for Windows PC/Laptop

Direct Download from Google Drive

Link will be added soon if user ask to provide link in comment box given below…

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