How to hide others profile picture (DP) on my Whatsapp

There are many reasons when someone wants to hide others profile picture or DP in own Whatsapp. Some people want to hide others Whatsapp profile picture on own mobile because they don’t want to see that person for some time.

We have so many people in our life, without those we can’t live but sometimes we get angry from those people. Now we can’t delete their contact from our mobile and we also don’t want to block those people from Whatsapp.

Because we know that he/she is very important and we will again start conversation with him. So in this case we want to hide that person profile picture from Whatsapp.

And there are many other reasons when we need to hide someone DP from our whatsapp because some people don’t has sense to select good DP for whatsapp and those profile picture irritates us.

If you are a man then might be searching for how to hide or remove someone’s profile picture in your whatsapp because you don’t want your GF’s profile picture to be visible to your wife.

Whatever the reason is, we will help you to hide others profile picture from our Whatsapp without deleting that contact and blocking him on Whatsapp.

I have two working solutions for you right now. There might be some more solutions but I have explained the easiest solutions to you.

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How to hide someone’s DP on Whatsapp

We all know that WhatsApp doesn’t offer you feature to Change, remove or hide someone’s Display Picture (DP) in your WhatsApp app so people are searching for the alternative ways to change or hide other person DP in their Whatsapp App.

There are few tricky ways to hide someone’s profile picture in your Whatsapp but here we have provided the best and easiest methods to others DP in your Whatsapp.

Ask other person to hide DP for you

Whatsapp has added a new feature to hide DP for particular person in Q2 2022 latest updates. So you can ask other person to hide DP for you in his/her Whatsapp.

If other person hide DP for your whatsapp number then you will not be able to see his/her profile photo in your whatsapp.

You will still be able to chat, voice call, video call and use other whatsapp features with that particular person but you will not be able to see his profile picture (DP) in your whatsapp App.

You can ask other person to follow these steps to hide his/her DP from your whatsapp.

Navigate to following directory Whatsapp >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Profile Photo >> My Contacts except… and select the specific person or more than one person to hide the DP from them.

Or Visit the dedicated page for detailed information on How to hide DP in WhatsApp for particular person.

If this method is not feasible for you and you can’t ask other person to hide his/her profile picture (DP) for you then you can follow the second method given below.

Hide others DP in with App

We have found an App that can work perfectly for you. And this app is capable to hide others DP in your Whatsapp.

App NameHide Chat Name
Supported AppWhatsapp
Supported OSAndroid
File TypeApk
File Size3MB
DeveloperElectronic Phoenix

Direct Download Link

Google Drive Link

We hope that you have downloaded the app in your mobile. After downloading the app, install it in your mobile and you can follow the complete instructions given in the video to hide others DP in your whatsapp.

Hide others DP in my WhatsApp Video Tutorial

We have putted all our efforts to provide you the best information on how to hide and change others DP in your Whatsapp.

You can do many things with this app. You can hide, change others profile photo and profile name in your WhatsApp.

If you still have any question or feedback then let us know in the comment section below.

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