How to fix Realme fingerprint sensor not working issue at home

Fingerprint sensor is the most important security feature in smartphones. Most of the realme smartphones come with fingerprint sensor support.

Some Realme smartphones have fingerprint sensors at rear side of phone and AMOLED display screen devices have in-display fingerprint sensors. We have also seen fingerprint sensor at the side of the phone.

After some time we find that fingerprint sensor not work properly and we need to enter pin or password in mobile to unlock it. This is very annoying.

In this post, we have explained how to fix fingerprint sensor not working in realme mobile at home at free of cost.

We have also informed how to test fingerprint sensor if it is working or not. After reading this article carefully, you will come know that you really need to change your fingerprint sensor or do you can fix it without changing the sensor.

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Realme fingerprint sensor not working

As we have already mentioned that some smartphones have in-display fingerprint sensors and on the other hand some have fingerprint sensor at the rear.

And few things are basic for both types of fingerprint sensors. So first of all we want to know the causes fingerprint sensor to stop working.

Causes of fingerprint sensor problem

If your fingerprint sensor is physically damaged then you need to replace it at authorized realme service center only.

There are few main causes of fingerprint sensor to stop working other than physical damage of fingerprint sensor which we have discussed below.

  • You have not set your fingerprint properly.
  • Fingerprint sensor has foreign object.
  • Fingerprint sensor surface is oily, wet or dusty.
  • You finger is wet, oily or dusty.
  • Your fingers is injured or skin is infected.

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Fix fingerprint sensor not working in realme

In the above section you came to know that what are the main reasons that cause to stop working of fingerprint sensor in realme smartphones.

Now here we have explained the best practices to fix fingerprint sensor not working issue in realme phones.


Fingerprint sensor doesn’t work properly if either your finger or fingerprint sensor has dust, oil, water or any foreign object on the surface.

So first of all you need to check your finger as well as fingerprint sensor is cleaned. In many cases problem is fixed by just cleaning of the finger and fingerprint sensor.

If you have checked for finger and fingerprint sensor for cleaning. And it is still not working in mobile then follow the next steps.

Re-register finger

Some times problem begins from the starting when first time we register our fingerprints in the realme smartphone.

And we think that mobile fingerprint sensor is slow or not working properly. Many times we register fingerprints in mobile when our fingers are dusty, oily or sick due to weather conditions.

So we recommend you to register your fingerprints when your fingers are clean and healthy. If you follow this instruction then you will find that most of the fingerprint sensor problems has been fixed.

Register multiple fingers

We recommend you to register multiple fingers because you can use other finger in case your main finger is dusty, oily or your finger skin is cracked or injured due to any reason.

Follow the simple steps to register multiple fingerprints in your realme mobile:

  • Go to system Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Password & Biometrics.
  • Tap on Fingerprint option.
  • Provide security password if you have set.
  • Delete all the previous fingerprint records.
  • Tap on Add a fingerprint option to register again.
  • Add more than one fingers record.
  • You have all done.

If you have followed all the precautions while registering your fingers in your realme mobile then you can visit the nearest Realme authorized service center nearby you.

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