Realme TV software update firmware download

You can download Realme smart LED TV software update latest firmware version from the download link given below in this post.

Realme has launched about 06 different smart LED TV model in different sizes in India. In basic TVs you need not to upgrade the software until it start creating any problems.

But in case of smart TVs you need to update and upgrade to latest version to experience the new User Interface and for latest security patches.

Smart TV has more functions so these are also vulnerable in this online world. As we all know that everything can be hacked and hackable which is connected to internet.

Now a days we use so many things which are able to connect to internet like PC, Laptop, Tabs, Smartphones, smart TV and other devices also.

So when smart TV are capable to connect to the internet itself then these devices can also be hacked. So smart TV brands also release security patches to fix the vulnerabilities in them.

Most of the smart TV are based on Android operating system by Google. And Google regularly releases security patches for its all latest Android versions regularly.

Smart TV updates also brings some bugs fixes, security patches, new features, performance improvements and User Interface improvements.

So you must always consider to update your smart TV to the latest version when available.

Realme TV Firmware Download

Here we have provided download link to latest firmware version for all Realme smart TV models. There is a specific update for every Realme Smart TV models.

So choose your LED TV model and download to update your Realme TV to the latest version.

Realme TV ModelVersionDownload
80cm (32”)20.210.511Link
108cm (43”)20.210.511Link
SLED 4K 139cm (55″)20.201.116Link
4K 108cm(43″)20.201.230Link
TV 4K 126cm(50″)20.201.230Link
Neo 32‘’20.210.928Link
Smart TV 32″, 43″PID software
Smart TV 55″PID software
Neo 32‘’PID softwareLink

Now you understand that it is also update your Smart TV to the latest version in this online world with the available latest security patches.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is also available in the table for all Realme TV models so first of all download the SOP and understand how to update Realme Smart LED TV manually.

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