iOS 15 Pro theme download for Realme & Oppo for free

iOS 15 is the latest version for Apple smartphones. It was announced by Apple on 07 Jun 2021 in a worldwide developer conference as a successor of iOS 14.

And iOS 15 was officially release on 20 Sep 2021 for publicly use. And new iPhone including iPhone 13 are working on iOS15 version.

You might want to experience iOS15 but you don’t have budget to buy iPhone. Now if you are not having any iPhone with even then you can experience iOS 15 in your Realme or Oppo smartphone.

So here you can download and install iOS 15 Pro theme in your Oppo or Realme smartphone for free.

The best thing of this theme is that it is compatible with ColorOS 5/6, ColorOS 7, ColorOS 11 and Realme UI 1, Realme UI 2 and Realme UI 3.

Many third party custom themes doesn’t work with Realme UI 3 but you this theme works.

We have also provided download link to iOS 15 Pro Full HD stock wallpapers so that you feel complete UI experience of iOS 15 Pro.

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Required Files

There are 3 minimum required files for this to this theme to apply completely. Only applying the theme file will not add widget to your mobile.

To add the widget in your mobile you have to add these separately using the special apps.

All required files name for this theme are given below:

  • iOS 15 Pro theme file (link is given below)
  • iMod Pro App (05 minute trail fixer)
  • iOS 15 HD Stock Wallpapers (optional)

iOS 15 Pro theme for Realme Oppo

The iOS 15 Pro theme is totally different theme from Realme and Oppo default themes. Because icons in this theme are totally inspired from iPhone.

Settings are also similar to iOS 15 and much more. This theme gives you totally iOS 15 user interface experience.

Lock Screen

ios 15 pro theme lock screen

iOS 15 Pro theme has built-in iOS 15 lock screen. Buttons on this theme also similar to iOS 15 which comes preinstalled in latest iPhones.

Buttons on the lockscreen in this theme are working. Time widget on this theme is totally similar to iOS 15 original user interface.

You can also find lockscreen notification center in this theme which gives you amazing experience and all the buttons in notification center are similar to iOS 15 and are properly working.


ios 15 pro theme home screen icons

The main change you will notice in this theme is iOS 15 icons. Icons for home screen, settings and file manager are optimized in this theme and taken from iOS 15.

The size, shape and color of icons are quite similar because iOS 15 icon pack is used in this theme so the icons are original iOS 15 user interface icons by Apple..

Notification center

ios 15 pro theme lock screen notification center
Lock screen Notification center

This theme doesn’t have iOS 15 notification center at home screen but it has similar notification center to iOS 15 at lock screen.

Notification center at lock screen in this theme is quite similar to iOS 15 original user interface.

ios 15 pro theme home screen notification center
Home Screen Notification Center

System Settings

The user interface in the system settings interface will change slightly after applying the theme. Settings parts are divided in different segments which look similar to iOS 15.

ios 15 pro settings

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iOS 15 Pro theme download

File InfoDetails
File NameiOS 15 Pro
File TypeTheme
File Size20MB
Supported DevicesOppo Realme
Theme creditNT Porter

Google Drive link

Realme UI 3/ColorOS 12

Realme UI 2/ColorOS 11

RealmeUI 1/ColorOS 7

ColorOS 6/5

MediaFire link

RealmeUI 3/ColorOS 12

RealmeUI 2/ColorOS 11

RealmeUI 1/ColorOS 7

ColorOS 5/6

Mega link

Files downloaded from mega link are password protected. And the password is 1515.

Realme UI 3/ColorOS 12

RealmeUI 2/ColorOS 11

RealmeUI 1/ColorOS 7

ColorOS 6/5

iOS 15 Stock wallpaper

04 Wallpapers G Drive

08 Wallpapers G Drive

How to apply iOS 15 Pro theme

Follow the simple steps to apply custom themes in oppo realme mobiles:

  • Download & install theme store app if not already installed in your mobile.
  • Download the theme file from the download link given above.
  • Simply click on the downloaded theme file to install it on your mobile.
  • Click on try now.
  • Your theme is installed on your mobile.
  • Restart your mobile to apply the theme completely.
  • Enjoy the theme.

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How to fix 05 minutes trial in theme store

After installing the iOS 15 Pro dark theme in your Realme or Oppo mobile you will find that it is a 05 minutes trail only and after 05 minutes the previously installed theme will be activated.

You can now fix 05 minutes trial issue by installing the iMod Pro apk in your smartphone.

You can activate any third party paid theme in your Realme or oppo phone using iMod Pro theme activator apk.

Download iMod Pro apk

We hope that you have downloaded iOS 15 Pro dark theme with stock wallpapers. And you have permanently activated this theme in your realme or oppo mobile.

If you are having any issue in downloading the files then let us know in the comment box given below. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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