6 ways to Restart Realme mobile phone in 2022

Simply rebooting or restarting your mobile can fix many temporary issues in your Realme smartphone. We always hear that we should restart or reboot our smartphone from many sources.

It is very good to give a simple restart for the smooth functioning of Realme smartphone. This trick work for all brand smartphones.

The difference between Restart and Reboot is negligible. Restart is the action that initiates the Reboot of the operating system in any smartphone or PC.

Restarting a smartphone is very simple and most of us knows how to restart a smartphone. In this post, we have discussed 4 ways to restart Realme phone.

When Realme 1 (first smartphone by realme) was launched in 2018 then there was no option to restart Realme 1 but after some it was added to Realme 1 in a update.

Restart feature in smartphones has become very essential as it fixes many issues in a smartphone.

Now all smartphones come with restart option. Restart is also known as reboot so there is no difference between restart and reboot.

You should restart your Realme phone at least once in a week. And it is also good to restart your smartphone daily when you are not using it as it will increase the life of your smartphone.

What is Restart in Realme phone

Restart in any smartphone is a automated process which follow a series of predefined commands. You just need to initiate this process after that it will automatically completed.

In this process, when initiated your Realme smartphone will closed all the applications and operating system and power off your mobile for a little time and then it will automatically power on itself following the bootup of OS and then start the required services and software.

Uses of Restart

This restart is applicable to all smartphones including Android, iPhone and other devices. It is also applicable on PCs.

There are many uses of restart, some of the popular uses of reboot are as follows:

  • Free up RAM space.
  • To solve hanging problem instantly.
  • Fix temporary Network issue.
  • It can also solve heating issue.
  • To kill background apps.
  • Fix minor unknown bugs.
  • To solve many temporary issues.

We have discussed few types of restart and their uses in this post in details:

Types of Restart

Soft Restart

Soft restart is just a simple restart which closes all the installed apps including third party and built-in apps. and shutdown operating system of phone.

And then reboot the operating system and start the only required basic services to run the smartphone smoothly.

soft restart realme mobile phone using power button and swipe to restart option

You can restart your Realme phone by pressing and holding power button for long time now swipe up on the screen and your smartphone will reboot.

Hard Restart Realme Phone

Hard restart is also a type of restart but in this case you forcefully restart your smartphone when it stuck on anywhere.

This is very useful when you are unable to restart your Realme phone simply. You can press and hold power button with volume up key for few seconds to forcefully restart your smartphone.

soft restart realme mobile phone by pressing and holding power button and volume up key simultaneously

Note: Don’t be confused with hard restart and hard reset as both are totally different things in Realme smartphones.

Scheduled Restart Realme

These days we are seeing an option named as scheduled restart. Using scheduled restart feature you can power off your smartphone at pre-defined time and power on it at pre-defined time.

This scheduled power on and off also act as a soft restart as all apps and operating system in your smartphone shutdown and then restart when at the time of predefined power on time.

This feature can also be useful if your mobile power button has gone unserviceable and you want to restart your Realme phone.

Emergency Restart

Emergency restart is just nothing but shutting down your mobile instantly to protect it from any virtual or physical threat.

You can given Realme smartphone an emergency restart to protect it from liquid damage, fire or anything else.

You would like to remove your phone battery instantly if your phone emerged into any liquid to protect it from short circuit.

Instantly removal of battery can save you smartphone from damaging. And you can further power on it after making it dry and cleaning it properly.

How to restart Realme mobile

As we have already discussed that there can be many ways to restart Realme phone so let us discussed few of them one by one and also know their uses and advantages.

Restart Realme with power button

Restarting Realme with power button is a common and recommended way to restart your Realme mobile. You can follow the given below simple steps to restart Realme phone with power button only:

  • Press power button until you see restart option on screen.
  • Swipe up circular icon on screen toward restart option.
  • Mobile will start shutting down.
  • Wait for sometime to restart Realme phone.
  • You have all done.

Restart with Power & Volume keys

This is also the popular way to restart your Realme phone. In this method you have to use your smartphone volume button and power button.

You can’t use this method if your smartphone power key or volume up key is not working. You can follow the simple steps to restart your mobile with power button and volume keys:

press and hold power button with volume up button until you feel a vibration
  • Press Power button & Volume up key simultaneously.
  • Keep pressing both keys together until you feel any vibration.
  • Release both keys normaly.
  • Realme mobile screen will go blank.
  • Wait for some time to reboot your smartphone.
  • You have all done.

Restart Realme mobile without using Power button

Its become slightly tricky to restart Realme mobile without using power button. But we have find out an alternative way to restart Realme mobile when its power button stop working.

how to setup schedule power on and off in realme to use as automatic restart

Follow the very simple steps to restart mobile in realme without using power button and volume keys:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Additional settings option.
  • Click on Schedule power ON/OFF option.
  • Set required power OFF time.
  • Again set power ON time.
  • Minimal time permissible between power button off and on is 10 minutes.
  • Your Realme mobile will power OFF on predefined time and then it will again power ON.

Note: Don’t forget to set Power ON time for your Realme mobile if your mobile Power button is not working and you have set power OFF time. As it will become very difficult to power ON it without repairing power button.

Manual Restart Realme phone

You can manually power off your mobile and then manually power on your mobile if your mobile doesn’t have restart option.

This also act as restart as same process is followed in this method also but in this case you need to inter-fare twice, once while powering off and then during powering ON your smartphone.

Reboot from PC

Do you know that you can reboot your smartphone using your PC. Yes you can actually restart your mobile with PC but his process is very lengthy and required time and skill.

Plugin Realme phone into your PC and use the ADB tool to reboot it. You can do many advanced operations using ADB in your smartphone.

  • Install ADB with the Android SDK in your PC.
  • Also install your smartphone driver in your PC.
  • Enable USB debugging from developer options in your mobile.
  • Connect Realme mobile with PC using USB cable.
  • Open command prompt.
  • Type adb devices and check your mobile is detected.
  • Type adb reboot.
  • Your mobile will reboot instantly.

Using Android App

There are multiple Android apps available on the Internet which provide functionality to restart or reboot Android smartphones.

You can download and install Quick Reboot app from the download link given below in any smartphone including Realme to restart mobile.

This app can be very useful for you if your smartphone power button is not working.

If you have any questions or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

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