How to recover uninstalled system apps in Realme device

Realme smartphone are working on customized version of Android by Google. Realme older smartphones are working on ColorOS and newer models are working on Realme UI. Due to that there are so many bloatware’s available in Realme devices.

Some bloatware’s are available due to Google Android and other are installed by Realme itself.

Many of us don’t like unwanted apps that comes pre-installed in smartphone and want to get rid of them. After that we manage to uninstall those built-in app.

Now you have changed your mind because you need those apps in your realme mobile again. Don’t worry guys it is very easy to install Realme built-in apps again in your smartphone.

Sometimes we unknowingly or by mistake delete our important data from Android mobile. Here we have detailed guide on how to recover deleted data from Pendrive or external storage media.

Get back uninstalled built-in apps

Realme has provided dedicated option to recover already uninstalled system apps for its smartphones. So that you can get back your uninstalled system apps in just a few clicks.

This is very easy process. You can follow the given below simple steps to recover uninstalled system apps in your realme smartphones:

  • Go to system Settings.
  • Scroll down & click on App Management.
  • Click on Recover Uninstalled System Apps.
  • Select the required app from the list & click on Install.
  • You can also try Download More Apps option if you want more Realme apps for your mobile.
  • Click on Agree & Continue.
  • Go to App list on Home & start using your favorite app.
  • You have all done.

You can also refer given below snapshots for easy understanding.

We hope that you understand how to recover uninstalled system apps in Realme smartphones. These system apps are also called bloatware. So some people doesn’t like these apps in their mobile.

It is up to you that you want to keep all those apps in your smartphone or want to delete them. We recommend uninstall all unwanted apps from your smartphone. You should only keep apps in your mobile which are really required.

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