Realme Warranty Check online status with IMEI number

Realme provides standard limited warranty for all of its products. Most of the Realme products are having different warranty period.

Generally Realme smartphones come with 01 year of standard warranty but other Realme products come with 6 months warranty. You can Check Realme Warranty Period easily to know if your product warranty is remaining or not.

If your product has started malfunctioning or stopped working then you might want to know your Realme mobile activation time to know the remaining warranty of your product.

Realme warranty can be very useful for you as you can ask nearby Realme service center to repair your mobile at free of cost. But you may have to pay higher charges if it is not meeting the warranty term & conditions.

You can check realme warranty online using IMEI number of your smartphone. Here we have very simple guide how to check realme warranty status online.

Realme Warranty Check

Realme warranty check status is very important for every realme customer before visiting the nearby realme authorized service center.

Only under warranty realme products are repaired and entertained free of cost. Out of warranty realme products are chargeable to repair and even entertain.

Keep ready your smartphone IMEI number to get the Realme mobile activation time.

  • CLICK HERE to visit realme phone check page.
  • Enter IMEI 1 of your Realme mobile.
  • Drag the slider to verify you are not a robot.
  • You will get mobile Activation Time.
  • Now compare Activation Time with todays date.
  • Find out if Realme Warranty Period is remaining for your mobile.

You can also refer the given below sample images to know how to get the Activation time for realme mobile.

realme warranty check enter IMEI number

IMEI Number query results provide you many details which can be useful to verify your device and to check the remaining realme warranty period. It shows you four details:

  • Smartphone model.
  • Mobile IMEI number.
  • Device Color.
  • And the most important Activation Time.

What is Realme Activation Time

Realme Activation Time is the date on which your warranty starts.

In other words, Realme Activation Time is the date when you purchased your smartphone and started using it or you have online registered your realme mobile on that date for e-warranty.

Check Realme Remaining Warranty

You can easily calculate your Realme mobile warranty once you have Warranty Acitvation Time with you.

Mobile warranty will expire next year on the same date if your mobile warranty period is one year.

If your realme product has 6 months warranty period then you can add 6 month on the Activation time to get the last date of your mobile warranty.

Find Realme mobile IMEI number

You can find your realme mobile IMEI number in three ways. Here we have mentioned both ways because for some users it may be difficult to find IMEI number in a particular way as your mobile has already started malfunctioning.

You can find your realme mobile IMEI number by using any one of the three methods. You can check your smartphone IMEI number by following the simple steps:

Method 1

  • Open Dialer App in your realme mobile.
  • Type USSD Code *#06#
  • Two IMEI numbers will be displayed on the screen.
  • Note down the first IMEI number.

Method 2

  • Go to system Settings in your mobile.
  • Find & Click on About Phone.
  • Click on Status option.
  • Now click on IMEI.
  • Open Dialer App in your realme mobile.
  • Type USSD Code *#06#
  • Two IMEI numbers will be displayed on the screen.
  • Note down the first IMEI number.

Method 3

  • Search for the package box that came with your new mobile.
  • Find the IMEI number written on it.
  • You can also find IMEI number on invoice copy of bill.
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