How to access hidden apps in realme

We want to do something with smartphone there are multiple dedicated apps available to do the task precisely on google play store. So we download multiple apps in smartphones to make our work and life easy.

Data privacy has become the most important aspect of our life. In this technological world, most of the things have been digitalized.

And we use a lot of important apps in our smartphones to save our important data in them. We never want to share our smartphone to anybody but in some cases we have to share our smartphones with others like friends, family members, kids, girl friend or boy friend.

Some apps store our critical data and are very important to us so we don’t want those apps to be visible to others. Now we need to hide them from our smartphone before we handover the smartphone to closed one.

In our previous post, we have learnt about how to hide apps in realme smartphones without installing third-party applications.

So in this post, we are going to discuss How to find and open hidden applications in Realme smartphones.

How to find hidden Apps in Realme

Finding hidden apps in realme smartphone is very easy and it can be done with very simple steps.

This simple trick is applicable for all Realme smartphones working on any version of ColorOS and Realme UI.

Find Hidden application in Realme UI

We must tell you that you can hide apps in realme using Hide Apps feature. To hide apps you have followed these steps:

Go to System Settings >> Privacy >> Hide Apps >> Enter the privacy passcode >> choose the application >> enable Hide Home Screen Icons >> Set Access Number

You have all done.

Now we want to access these hidden apps in our realme smartphone. You can follow the simple steps to find & open the hidden application in realme smartphones:

  • Open dialer app in mobile.
  • Dial four digit Hide Apps access code with prefix “#” and suffix “#”.
  • One example of access code is #0000#.
  • Replace 0000 with your code which you have set while hiding apps in your smartphone.
  • Now a folder will open which contain your hidden apps.
  • Click on required app and use it.
  • You have all done.

Note: While accessing hidden apps click on minimize button or navigate to home, your apps will again hide.

Now what happen if you forget your Hide Apps four digit access code? Don’t worry guys you can easily reset it from the system settings.

Reset Hide Apps access code

This tutorial is very helpful to you if you have hidden your private apps and you forgot your four digit Hide Apps access code.

Resetting Hide Apps four digit access code in realme smartphone is very easy. You can follow the given below simple steps to do it:

  • Go to system settings.
  • Scroll down & Click on Privacy option.
  • Click on Hide Apps & enter privacy passcode.
  • Click on two dots on top right corner of mobile screen.
  • Click on Settings & Click on Change access code.
  • Now here type your new access code.
  • Click on check “☑” icon & click on done.
Change hidden apps access code in Realme

One by one steps to reset access code are as follows:

Settings >> Privacy >> Hide Apps >> enter privacy passcode >> click on two dots >> Settings >> Change Access Code >> set new access code >> ☑ >> Done.

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