How to turn ON & OFF Safe mode in Oppo Realme

Safe mode is the feature in Android mobile which disable all third party apps and features. Safe mode in Oppo and Realme devices can be very useful if your are having any issue with your smartphone.

Safe mode is generally used to diagnosed the problem in smartphone due to third-party apps.

What is Safe mode in Android mobile

Safe mode is the mode in Android mobile. Only operating system and built-in apps and features appear when you turn on Safe mode in your any Android mobile.

Safe mode disable all third party apps & features installed in your Android mobile.

Uses of safe mode

  • Safe mode is used to diagnose the problem due to third party apps.
  • Safe mode can be used to diagnose software based issues in Android mobile.
  • Safe mode increases battery life.
  • Safe mode increase system performance.
  • Safe mode provides similar to brand new smartphone user interface.
  • It can also fix some issues in your mobile.

How to turn on safe mode in Oppo Realme

  • Switch off your Oppo Realme mobile.
  • Press and hold power on button until mobile logo is appear in your smartphone.
  • Now press and hold volume down button immediately after the mobile logo appear during power on process.
  • Your device will power on in safe mode.
  • You can see Safe Mode transparent logo on the bottom of your mobile.
  • You can also see Safe mode notification in Notification panel.
  • Safe mode is on in your smartphone. Enjoy!

How to turn off safe mode in Oppo Realme

You can turn off safe mode in your mobile in two ways.

First Method: Go to notification panel. Click on the Safe mode notification. Click on turn off safe mode.

Second Method: Power off your smartphone using power button. Now again power on your smartphone. Your device will boot into normal mode.

how to turn off safe mode in oppo realme
Turn off safe mode
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    • Long press the power button and try to restart your Oppo device. If it not booting in normal mode then press and hold power button with volume down key, boot in OS from here.

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