How to make Realme phone faster & improve performance

Want to boost your Realme mobile performance now? then you at the right place because here we will come to know how to make Realme phone faster without rooting it.

There are various reasons that slow down your realme smartphone performance. Becoming old is the most common reason that your smartphone starts lagging.

When you purchase any smartphone then it works well but after some when it grow old it starting lagging and hanging.

Why smartphones starts lagging

As we have already mentioned that 2 years older smartphones start lagging. There are various reason for it, which are as follows:

  • People install so many apps in their smartphone over time which slow down the overall performance of the mobile.
  • When you install so many apps in your mobile they starts keep on running in the background and occupy RAM which slow the mobile performance.
  • So many apps also occupy much space in internal storage or ROM of the smartphone.
  • Apps are becoming bulkier with every update which include new feature to app.
  • Smartphone Android update also slow down mobile performance as newer version of Android is bulkier than previous one.
  • Activating additional features in smartphones can also slow down its performance and can also affect its battery life.
  • Some smartphone brands knowingly slow down their smartphone with releasing bulkier feature rich version of the operating system so that they are forced to buy a new smartphone but this is not always true.

Make Realme phone faster

If keeping your smartphone fast is your first priority and you rarely use its all features and you just use your smartphone general features then you can follow the given below steps to make your Realme phone faster:

  • If you are facing issue with a particular app which is getting slow then you can uninstall it and try to reinstall from Google play store.
  • Clear unused apps running in background from the recent apps in your Realme mobile.
  • Clear cache of most of the apps. Go to Settings >> App Management >> App List and select the app and click on Storage Usage >> Clear Cache to clear the cache of the app.
  • Uninstall the unused of rarely used apps.
  • Only install the apps by trusted developer on Google play store.
  • Free up some storage from the mobile storage. You can delete photos, videos, apps and other data from your mobile.
  • Reduce the use of dynamic wallpapers and other real time service and plugins.

Check Realme in Phone manager app

  • Open phone manager app in Realme mobile which comes preinstalled and click on one touch optimization and click on done.
  • Disable app auto start from the Startup manager in privacy permission in Phone manager app.

Update to the latest version

  • Update Realme mobile to the available latest Android version.
  • Go to Settings >> Software Update and update your mobile if any updates are available.
  • Restart your Realme phone once in a week to clear the broken cache and make your phone performance smooth.

Factory reset Realme

If all of the above mentioned tricks are not working for you then you can give a factory reset to your Realme mobile. Don’t forget to take complete backup of your mobile before doing factory reset.

Set Realme to High performance mode

You can set your performance mode to High performance mode for the best performance but it may drain mobile battery faster. Go to Settings >> Battery >> Performance Mode >> Select High Performance Mode

Note: High performance mode will drain smartphone battery faster.

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