Realme 5 Pro original display & spare parts price list

Realme 5 Pro mobile original spare parts price list including accessories. Realme 5 Pro was the world’s first smartphone with 48MP Quad rear camera setup.

Realme 5 Pro is a very good smartphone at this price range. Every smartphone has some manufacturing defects and sometimes mobile phones are damaged due to sudden incidents.

If your Realme smartphone is out of warranty or your Realme 5 Pro is damaged due to negligence or sudden events then you might be searching for Realme spare parts price. As out of warranty products are not repaired at free of cost.

In this post we are going to discuss Realme 5 Pro spare parts price with details.

Realme 5 Pro spare parts price

Realme 5 Pro display price

Spare partCost

Realme 5 Pro sports LCD display with the in-display fingerprint scanner. So these things make it very costly.

Realme 5 Pro camera price

Spare PartPrice
Front camera1200
Rear camera2400
Rear camera portrait200
Rear camera wide-angle400
Rear camera macro200

Realme 5 Pro is equipped with 48MP Quad rear camera setup. It has 48MP main camera, 8MP wide-angle camera, 2MP portrait lens and 2MP ultra macro camera. It has 16MP front dew drop camera. Price of all cameras for Realme 5 Pro are given in above camera price table.

Realme 5 Pro mother board price

Spare partPrice
Fingerprint Sensor400.00
Middle Frame700.00
Mainboard (4GB+128GB)8400.00
Mainboard (8GB+128GB)9100.00
Mainboard (8GB+256GB)11999.00
Mainboard (4GB+64GB)7700.00
Mainboard (6GB+64GB)8400.00

Realme 5 Pro accessories price

Spare PartPrice
USB Cable399.00
Power Adapter
  • Details given above in this post are taken from Realme official site.
  • The spare parts price given above in this post includes GST and are for your reference only.
  • Realme provide warranty service totally free, means labour charges, spare parts charges and no any types of fees is taken from customer if the product is under warranty.
  • Realme claims that realme products testing, clearness and upgrades are totally free of charge for in warranty as well as out of warranty products.
  • Replacement of fault parts will be at the discretion of realme and you can ask for it if needed.

Realme compatible spare parts

Given below Realme spare parts are non original parts but compatible with Realme 5 Pro. You can give a look to given below spare parts so that you will have a general idea about pricing and quality of the parts.

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