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Books are the largest source of knowledge but its very hard to carry many books with you. So In this post, we have provided list of Free PDF books download sites for your.

The feeling of having a physical book and a digital book is different. Even though many readers prefer having a physical one over a digital one, many others are more gravitated towards having a digital, go-to one. There are many reasons for that. A PDF version of a book is easy to carry around, just in the hand-held electronic devices, and the readers can access it from anywhere. 

Readers try to cram in as much reading they could in whatever time they get in their busy lives. Frank Zappa, an American singer, once shared his famous quote, ‘So many books, so little time.’ However, it won’t be wrong for most of us if we say, ‘So many books, so little cash.’  

So I went down the rabbit hole to search for websites for downloading free PDF books. And here I am going to share six of those websites which I found to be very helpful and suitable to quench your thirst for new books.

Free ebook download sites

1) Internet Archive

This site started in the year 1996 and has seen tremendous growth ever since. As the name suggests, this site has almost everything available on the internet. You can access their 20+ years of web content through an in-built Wayback machine. The site has over 460 billion web pages and 20 million books downloaded in PDF formats. 

This site works with over 600 libraries around the world. The Internet Archive is free for all users, and it has been helpful for researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general audience. Also, you can download from Scribd and convert to Ebooks and start reading.

2) Obooko

Obooko is very user-friendly. It is entirely free and legal. They started in the year 2010 and distributed free fiction and non-fiction PDF for any registered user to download. Apart from providing free ebooks, Obooko also provides a platform for budding writers from anywhere in the world to publish their work and reach the right audience. 

A few of the most exciting aspects of this site is that it never asks you for a donation or allows any annoying ads in your PDFs that you download from their site. As they are a non-profit enterprise, they ask you to be a bona fide registered user.

3) Manybooks

With a very pleasing web interface, Manybooks started relatively recently, in 2004 compared to some other similar websites. Manybooks are mostly about fiction and have over ten genres, including all the main genres. It has non-fiction, too, along with classics.

Manybooks have mentioned on their site that many of their earlier ebooks are Project Gutenberg archives. If you are a writer or have a writing dream, Manybooks also provides a platform to self publish and introduce your piece of work to the right audience. 

It helps you reach the audience’s right demographics with their well planned and state of the art algorithm. Apart from downloading PDF, you can also read books on their website online.

4) Bookboon

Bookboon was founded in the year 1988 in Denmark. This site is mostly for academic and professional books and has helped a lot of students academically. It mainly features books of various academic fields like engineering, IT, and business students since its inception. They provide free textbooks that are written by professors. With a paid subscription, eBooks on soft skills and personal development are available on the site. 

Many business professionals use business books available on the site for productivity. Similarly, a lot of companies all over the world use Bookboon to guide their employees to enhance their soft skills and efficiency. Although paid subscribers can use many business and skill-books, you will find 1000+ free textbooks for your use as a student. 

5) Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is quite popular among online bookworms. It was founded as early as 1971 and, without a doubt, is the world’s oldest digital library. Most of their collections are free and are textbooks, and the collection expands gradually every day. It is known that a lot of volunteers have made efforts to make books available for readers online. Apart from PDF, this site also provides HTML, ePUB formats.

Over the years, Project Gutenberg has always been known to have faced a lot of criticism. Most of the books available in Project Gutenberg are distributed to the public with permission and under United States copyright law.

6) Z Library

Z Library started in 2009 and has been providing all kinds of ebooks for free since then. Z Library has over 5 million books of all sorts of genre, fiction and nonfiction. It has over 77 million articles and research papers to download in PDF formats and can be converted and downloaded in many other formats like ePUB, Mobi, txt, fb2, RTF, etc. 

Apart from downloading e-books, the site also lets you upload books or files for sharing purposes. Z Library has almost every book you are searching for, and books can be searched either by the name of the book or by the author’s name.

However, Z library is not known for being a legal site, so when you use to download ebooks from their site, make sure you read their guidelines and privacy policy.

Websites to download books for free

While the mentioned sites are helpful in most cases, however, if you are struggling to find the book you have been searching for forever, you can always try Google search engine or PDF search engine to find your PDF file. With this search engine, you will find your PDF for sure, given that your PDF is anywhere on the internet.

We hope that you have found “free pdf books download sites” post helpful to you and downloaded your favourite ebook for free on your mobile or computer.

If you have any feedback or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

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