Soloop apk Version 1.19.2 with manual & automatic video editor

Soloop Apk: Realme has introduced built-in dedicated video editor app named as Soloop video editor in Realme UI V1 and above devices.

Soloop video editor app is available for oppo & Realme devices. Oppo & Realme older devices don’t have this app as a built-in app. But you can still download and install Soloop Apk from the download link given below in this post.

The new Soloop Apk 1.19.2 comes with many improvements and added new features. The new Soloop Apk support manual as well as automatic video editing.

Manual video editing feature adds flexibility to Soloop Apk and make it somewhat professional. Whereas automatic video editing feature with predefined templates make it super simple to create a video with photos.

soloop video editor home
soloop video editor home

Soloop Apk

As we have already mentioned that Soloop Apk only comes preinstalled in Android 10 (ColorOS 7 & above in oppo devices, Realme UI V1.0 & above in Realme) devices.

But you can download and install Soloop apk in any Oppo & Realme devices from the download link given below in this post.

Soloop Video editor features

It provides basic video editing features. It is very useful for beginners because of its very simple user interface. It is simple, fast and easy to use the app. Features of this app are as follow;

Smart Templates

Templates are the combination of a predefined video editing pattern. It contains predefined music, effects, stickers and text fonts.

It has 14 pre-designed smart templates like Show you, Champion, Travel Diary and more. You select any of them and apply to your videos.


There are so many stickers available in Soloop video editor Apk 1.19.2 & you can pick any of them.

soloop video editor stickers
soloop video editor stickers


Soloop Apk has many predefined effects. Effects make a video interesting and give a different look. You can add effects in the video according to the scene. Like you can add flash or colour light effect in a dance or party scene.

soloop video editor effects
soloop video editor effects


There are many different types of font available in the latest Soloop Apk version 1.19.2. You can add your text to the video while selecting your font style. Font style makes a text interesting and gives a unique look.

soloop video editor fonts
soloop video editor fonts

More Features

  • You can also add watermark to your video.
  • You can also remove the watermark from your output video. Watermark option is optional.
  • You can also set export resolution 1080P or 720P.
soloop video editor features
soloop video editor features

Soloop Video editor limitations

  • Soloop video editor doesn’t support 4K output resolution.
  • Soloop video editor is less useful for professional video editors.

Download Soloop Video Editor

Soloop video editor is not available on google play store so you can download Soloop Apk from the download link given below.

We recommend you to download and try all versions of the Soloop video editor Apk as all version doesn’t work with all devices.

Soloop Apk version: 1.19.2

File type: Apk

File Size: 63MB

File Source: Apk file extracted from Realme XT


Soloop Apk version: 1.16

File type: Apk

File Size: 50MB


Soloop Apk version: 1.9.4

File type: Apk

File Size: 41MB

File Source: Apk file extracted from Realme XT


For all ColorOS devices (Older version)

File Size: 24MB

File Type: Apk


Note: If you are unable to install any of the above-given Soloop apk version in your Android mobile then we have the best solution for you.

You can download the latest version of Soloop apk from App Market by Oppo.

  • Download App Market by ColorOS in your Android mobile.
  • Open App Market app in your mobile.
  • Search for Soloop apk in App Market app.
  • Install Latest version of Soloop apk.
  • You have all done.
  • Enjoy the Soloop apk latest version available for your mobile.

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  1. I made a live inquiry about soloop up. Unfortunately the chats were discontinued due to unknown reason.
    I want to know if I can go to any oppo service center and have the previously installed app of soloop installed again. Ive been using the old version and was very satisfied but when I tried to upgrade version the resulting app is not working.
    The old version app is still very useful since I’m a ESL teacher and I use it to make applicable videos it is user friendly.
    Can I have the old version be dowloaded again in my Oppo phone. Thank you for your immediate and favorable action.


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