How to increase internet speed in Realme mobile

Internet has become the basic need for everyone. There are various types of mode available to surf internet now a days. But surfing internet using smartphone is the most popular way.

To use internet mobile there are various network available like 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G has already launched in 2020. But 4G network is the most popular network in India as Jio only provides 4G network.

The upload speed of a true 4G mobile network is 500 Mbps and the download speed is 1000 Mbps. Many of us are using 4G mobile and 4G SIM in India, even then we not getting 1Mbps speed in India at many places.

So in this post, we are going to discuss how to increase internet speed in Android mobile.

How to increase internet speed

There are various reasons for slow internet speed in Android mobile. Here we are going to discuss about all of them one by one and try to find out their solutions too.

Sometimes a simple mobile restart can solve the problem. So try to restart your mobile.

Week signals

If there are weak mobile signals in your area then you will also face slow internet speed in your mobile. To confirm that your internet speed is slow due at your area only. Try to surf internet at another location and check if the problem has resolved.

If your mobile internet speed increases at different location then the problem is only in your area. And this problem can be fixed by your service provider. Call your service provider at tollfree number 198 in India and ask for assistance.

Phone settings are incorrect

If your are facing internet speed problem at every place then problem might with your Android mobile internet settings. So you need to do settings in your mobile.

You can also call your internet service provider for manual internet settings. Also checkout the below mentioned settings in your Android mobile to resolve the internet problem.

Turn on mobile data

Open the notification panel by sliding down from the status bar and turn your mobile data. And make sure that you have selected the correct SIM card with the active internet plan.

To check if your have selected correct SIM for internet long press on internet icon in notification panel and select the active internet plan SIM as default internet SIM.

Connected to useless WLAN hotspot (WiFi)

If you have enabled WiFi as well as your mobile internet and your WiFi is useless of having very less speed. In that case you have to disable your mobile WiFi.

Because when mobile internet and wifi are enabled simultaneously and your mobile is connected to a WiFi then your mobile will prefer WiFi even when WiFi is unstable or useless.

So you need to turn off your mobile WiFi to access internet in your mobile using your SIM card internet.

Check if the traffic limit is set

[Settings] >> [Dual SIM & Mobile Network]>> [Daily Traffic Alert] to confirm if today’s usage traffic exceeds the set limit.

Always check this setting if your internet stops after some time of internet usage daily. And set the data traffic limit to unlimited or more than your daily active data plan.

Mobile phone internet settings problem

Open the notification panel by sliding down from the status bar, press and hold the mobile data to enter the mobile network interface and then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on SIM card name with an active internet plan
  • Click on >>[access point name (APN)]
  • Click on [Reset access points] to reset the APN settings.

Mobile SIM card problem

If your are using non-standard size SIM card or your have cut your SIM card yourself.

Clipping the SIM card may cause the card chip to fail to recognize. And it may also damage your mobile phone.

So I personally recommend you to go to the operator customer care to get the original standard nano-SIM card.

Eject your SIM tray and remove your SIM card and clean it with the eraser (rubber). Sometimes SIM card can be coated with carbon due to corrosion. Rubbing eraser will clean it.

Reinsert the SIM card in your mobile.

Signal reception problem

Signal block due to obstruction

If you are inside a room/hall where the signal strength is very weak then this problem can only be overcome by coming to the open area.

Or you can try to keep your mobile near the door and windows of the room/hall.

You can also use your old mobile as a hotspot. Keep your old smartphone outside the room and use it as a WiFi.

Signal block due to mobile cover

If you are using a metal mobile cover then you may face signal reception problems. So try to use official or authorized mobile covers to get the better signal reception.

Otherwise, it’s better to remove the mobile cover while having a signal reception problem on your mobile.

Multiple apps running background

Remove the apps running in the background. Sometimes the apps running in background drain your internet data heavily causing your foreground data slow.

To overcome this issue stop the apps running in the background and stop them to autostart. You can also uninstall useless apps from your mobile as many apps drain data in the background and cause your mobile as well as your internet to slow.

Stop auto synchronous

Auto synchronous in background also drain much data. As all of your photos and videos are synchronous to the server.

Google drive and google photo app drain much data if you have enabled both of these for auto synchronous.

I will recommend auto synchronous only when your mobile is charging. This can be set from [Settings]>> [User & Accounts] >>[Auto Sync Data]

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