How to fix Google play store not working issue in Oppo & realme

Google play store not working: Google play store is the official and most trusted source to install Apps in any Android device. If you are having difficulty in installing apps from google play store then you have come at right place.

Here we have discussed why you are not able to download apps from play store and what to do when play store is not working in oppo & realme devices.

Note: This tutorial is the same for all android mobile but here we have taken an example of Google play store not working in Realme XT.

Google play store not working reasons

There are many issues which cause google play store to stop working properly. Google plays store not downloading apps is the most common issue an Android user face with his Android mobile.

Some of the most common reason that cause google plays store to stop working:

  • Unstable or weak Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Android device date & time mismatch to actual data & time
  • Less storage space in Android mobile
  • Malfunctioning SD card
  • Download manager Cache & data issue
  • Google play store app cache & data issue
  • Google play services cache & data issue
  • Google play store update issue
  • Google play services issue

What to do when play store is not working

Check network connection

Unstable WiFi or Mobile data (network connection) is the common cause for Google play store to stop working. So first of all check, your mobile internet connection is working properly.

Try to connect your mobile with a fast WiFi connection if available and then check if google play store is downloading apps or not. In many cases a fast WiFi connection resolve this issue.

If the problem doesn’t solve switch to next step.

Check data setting for play store

Make sure you have done following Internet settings for Google play store:

  • Enable background data for google play store.
  • Enable mobile data for Google play store.
  • Enable WiFi data for Google play store.

Follow the given below simple steps to enable above mentioned internet settings:

Go to [System settings] >>[App Management] >> [App list] >> [Google play store] >> [Data usage status] and (1) uncheck [Disable mobile data], (2) uncheck [Disable WiFi] & (3) enable [Background data]

Check mobile date & time

Google Play Services synchronize with their master servers to send and receive data, to do this your device time and date should be correctly set.

You can set your date & time to automatic. In this case, your android mobile will update date & time with your network provider. To set the date & time in your oppo or realme mobile follow the simple steps given below:

Go to [Settings]>> [Additional setting]>> [Date&Time] and enable [Use network-provided time]

Clear app cache

Clear Google play store app cache

Sometimes google play store stops working due to outdated or invalid cache so you need to delete this cache for the smooth functioning of Google play store to start working normally.

Go to [System settings] >>[App Management] >> [App list] >> [Google play store] >> [Storage usage] >> [Clear data] & [Clear cache] >> [OK].

Clear Google play services app cache

Google play store uses google play services to work properly. And it will never work if google play services are not functioning. So clear the previous cache for the play services app.

Go to [System settings] >>[App Management] >> [App list] >> [Google play services] >> [Storage usage] >> [Clear data] & [Clear cache] >> [OK].

Default download manager

The download manager is required to work properly for the smooth functioning of the google play store. Google play store will not download & install apps if the download manager is disabled or not working.

So make sure Download manager app is enabled and clear its data & cache by following the steps given below:

Enable Download manager

Go to [Application Management]> [All] > [Download manager], tap on [Enable] to enable the App.

Clear data & cache

Go to [System settings] >>[App Management] >> [App list] >> Click on two dots on upper right corner >> [Show system] >> [Download manager] >> [Storage usage] >> [Clear data] & [Clear cache] >> [OK]

Check MicroSD card

The MicroSD cards can cause problems if they’re not set up properly. If your device has any MicroSD card then try to eject & remove your MicroSD card, then reinsert it.

It will fix MicroSD card related issue if any.

Uninstall Google play store updates

Sometimes google play store updates are not properly installed and cause play store not to function smoothly. So in that case you need to uninstall the Google play store update and then again try to reinstall the updates.

Follow the simple steps to uninstall the play store updates:

  • Long press on Google play store app on the home screen
  • Click on [App info]
  • At the top right corner of screen tap more button
  • Click on Uninstall updates
  • Click on OK.
  • Enable mobile data
  • Google play store will automatically update.
  • Try to install apps with google play store.

Remove & re-add google account

Try to remove and add your Google Account on your device as it may solve your problem if the problem is with your Google account. Follow the simple steps in your android mobile to remove the google account:

Go to [System settings] >> [Users & accounts] >> [Google] >> select any google account (gmail id) >> [more (two dots on top right corner)] >> [Remove account]

Again login to your google account by clicking on sign in Google play store app.

Restart your mobile

Sometimes simply restarting android mobile can fix the small problems. So here also you try to restart your mobile to resolve the google play store not working issue.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Slide down to power off message appears. Drag the power icon down to turn off the phone. To turn the phone back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the realme logo.

Restart realme mobile to fix google play store not working issue
Restart Android mobile

Factory reset Android

We hope that these above mentioned steps will fix your google play store not working issue if none of the trick is working for you then try to factory reset your android mobile.

To factory reset your oppo or realme mobile follow the simple steps given below in the post:

Go to [System settings] >> [Additional settings] >> [Backup & reset] >> [Erase all data (factory reset)] >> [reset system settings only] >> provide security code.

Note: If you select [Erase all data] option all of your mobile data including app data, music, video, photo and other documents will be erased completely. So use this option very carefully.

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