Amazfit Verge lite vs Amazfit Bip S detailed comparison

Amazfit Verge lite vs Amazfit Bip S: Hey, Welcome back technology lovers. If you are thinking to buy the best smartwatch for you at a budget price then you have come at the very right place.

Because here we are going to do a features comparison between Amazfit Verge lite and Amazfit Bip S. And I will show share my personal opinion on both of these smartwatches.

Amazfit Verge lite is relaunched in India at 4,999 price as initially this watch was launched at 6,999 in India in July 2020.

I am using Amazfit Bip S for more than a month and here i will also share my personal experience about this watch at the last of this post.

Best smartwatches under 5k in 2020 in India

In this post, we are going to discuss budget smartwatches so here we have compared Amazfit Verge lite vs Amazfit Bip S in details. These are the most searched smartwatches in the price range between 3K to 5K.

Amazfit Verge lite vs Amazfit Bip S

Price Comparison

Amazfit Verge LiteAmazfit Bip S
Official WebsiteOfficial Website

Both of the smartwatches come at a very reasonable price and justify their price. According to features provided in these smartwatches, these are having very justifying price.

Specification Comparison

Sensors &
Health care
Verge Lite
Bip S
Heart Rate
Blood Oxygen
Sleep Quality
Steps Tracker
Calories Burn

Both of the above given watches have almost the same features.

Amazfit Verge lite, as well as Amazfit Bip S, are having compass feature.

Connectivity comparison

Verge Lite
Bip S
BluetoothBT 5.0BT 5.0

Connectivity Winner

Both of the above-given watches have the same connectivity options and having the same version of Bluetooth.

Both of the smartwatches are having same GPS connectivity so both smartwatches are equally capable of tracking your route while cycling, running & walking.

Only a very few watches have built-in GPS support at below 5K price segment. So here we can say that these smartwatches are really amazing.

Design comparison

Verge Lite
Bip S
Display Size1.3 inch1.3 inch
Display TypeAMOLEDColor TFT
Display shapeCircularRectangular
Always-on Display
Body materialPolycarbonatePolycarbonate
Strap Length70mm (short)
113mm (long)
85mm (short)
110mm (long)

Design & display winner

Amazfit Verge lite comes with 1.3 inches big display with 360×360 resolution AMOLED screen which is very good at this price range.

The Amazfit Verge lite display is having good brightness so it is clearly visible in sunlight also. This watch is also having small bezels.

Amazfit Bip S sports 1.3 inches transflective Colour TFT display with 176×176 pixels. This watch is very lightweight as it has 31gm weight.

Amazfit Bip S smartwatch has Always on Display feature and amazing thing is that it doesn’t consume watch battery. Amazfit Bip S TFT screen is very clear in sunlight.

Amazfit Bip S lite is having very big bazels as compare to Amazfit Verge lite.

Winner: Amazfit Verge lite is having a batter display with high resolution. Its dial is also round shape. So In terms of display Amazfit Verge lite is the clear winner.

So in terms of display and design, Amazfit Verge lite watch is the winner. But still, Amazfit Bip S has the advantage of the always-on display.

I also like round shape watches. But it is individual choice.

Sports Modes

Verge Lite
Bip S
Indoor Cycle
Outdoor Cycle
Open water
Pool (swim)
Jump rope

Both of the above-mentioned smartwatches has almost all basic sports modes but in Amazfit Bip S we have 4 extra sports modes like pool (swim), open water (swim), Jump rope and Yoga.

Amazfit Bip S has open pool & fixed pool swimming modes. Amazfit Verge lite doesn’t have swimming modes because it has IP68 water-resistant rating up to 1.5mtrs in water. So it is not suitable for swimming.

Here Amazfit Bip S is the clear winner in terms of availability of sports modes. Yoga & Jump rope feature can be added in Amazfit Verge lite via OTA update but it will never get Swimming modes.

Watch safety features

Verge Lite
Bip S
Water ResistanceIP68 (1.5m)5ATM (50m)
Screen guard2.5D Corning Gorilla
3 Gen glass
2.5D Corning Gorilla
3 Gen glass
Anti-fingerprint coating

Amazfit Bip S is advanced in terms of watch security as it is equipped with 5ATM (up to 50m underwater) water resistance. And Both of the smartwatches have same 2.5D Corning Gorilla 3 gen glass with anti-fingerprint coating screen protection.

So here Amafit Bip S is the clear winner.

Notification Comparison

Verge lite
Bip S
Call rejection
Read Message
App notification
Idle alert
Water reminder
Music Control
Camera Control

All of these three smartwatches offer almost similar notification features.

Battery comparison

Verge lite
Bip S
Basic usage20 Days40 Days
Typical usage10 Days15 Days
Charging time2.5 hrs2.5 Hrs

Battery Winner

Although, Amazfit Verge lite is equipped with 390mAh bigger battery than Bip S but still Amazfit Bip S has long battery backup because of its TFT transflective screen.

TFT Transflective screen consumes very less power as compared to AMOLED displays.

Amazfit Bip S is powered with 200 mAh battery backup and it has 40 days of battery backup at normal usages and 15 days of battery backup at typical usages.

Winner: Amazfit Bip S has an always-on display and even then it gives 40 days of battery backup at a normal day to day usages. So Amazfit Bip S is the clear winner in terms of battery.

Other features

Verge lite
Bip S
Find Phone
Silent Alarm
OTA Upgrade
Music control
Call & message

Colour Variants

Verge lite
Bip S
Shark GreyRed Orange
Snowcap whiteCarbon Black
White Rock
Warm Pink

Watch Faces

Watch FacesAmazfit
Verge lite
Bip S


Verge lite
Bip S
ProsAMOLED display
Small bazels
Round shape
Good display colors
Always on Display
Battery backup
11 sports modes
Waterproof (50m)
ConsLess sports mode
Waterproof (1.5m)
Big bazels
TFT display
Average display color

Although both watches are amazing smartwatches however we have to pick one out of these three top-rated budget segment smartwatches.

Here we have discussed all aspects of the smartwatch and reached to the decision.

Here Amazfit Verge Lite is the winner in terms of display. You can also set your custom image at Amazfit Verge lite display but this feature is not available in Amazfit Bip S.

Amazfit Bip S is the clear winner in terms of battery life and sports modes.

Amazfit Bip S also offers some extra features like Always-on display, extra sports modes & good battery backup.

But still, Amazfit Verge lite display is far better than Amazfit Bip S. If both of the smartwatches are available at same 4,999 price then Amazfit Verge lite will be my choice.

So in my opinion Amazfit Verge Lite is a great choice under 5K in 2020.

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