Oppo theme store 7.2 latest version free download with ringtones

Oppo theme store: If you are oppo mobile user and you don’t have any theme store installed in your mobile. Or you have older version of oppo theme store installed in your mobile then you have come at very right place.

Here we have provided oppo theme store apk 7 version download link in this post. You can also watch the specification of this oppo theme store app.

We have shared some screenshot of this latest theme store apk by oppo to you. So that you can see all new features included in this version of oppo theme store.

Guys, as we all know that oppo theme store apk version 7 is not released officially in India. I just want to inform you that this is the beta version of theme store. So it will take much time to reach in your mobile through OTA update.

There is also the possibility that older oppo devices may not get this latest version of oppo theme store app. So hurry and download this latest version of theme store and enjoy now.

Oppo theme store apk

Before we download the latest version of oppo theme store apk let us discuss its new features one by one:


Some changes has made to design of this app. Bottom app bar options are changed. Theme, Font and wallpapers are combined in a single option called Category.

oppo theme store 7 themes
oppo theme store 7 themes

Under Category option you can find four options.

  • Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Font
  • Ringtone

New feature added

  1. The brand new themes are available in the Theme Store apk. You can download this app to get more gorgeous themes.
  2. Official themes are now fully compatible with the phone system. Download to have a seamless and smooth experience.
  3. Many collections are updated every day in the theme store app like as Colour-based themes, colour based fonts!
  4. Optimized and improved Interface with fashionable and latest updated vibes.


Ringtone option is added in Oppo theme store. You can now change the ringtones from theme store itself.


Colourful and back & white fonts are now added separately. You can now switch between colourful and black & white fonts styles according to your mode.

oppo themes store 7 colorful fonts
Colorful Font styles

oppo theme store apk black & white fonts
Black & White Fonts

Added new theme category

New theme category are added to the updated theme store app. You can now switch between different colour themes.

Themes with a perticular colour are added to a single place. Means you can now find white colour themes at a single place. And you can now find black colour themes are at a single place. Likewise all colour themes are placed according to their respective colour.

This is very great if someone loves a single colour then he can find all of its favorite colour themes at a single place.

You can now see few screenshot for more details below:

colourful themes oppo
Colorful themes

realme themes store yellow themes
Yellow Colour Themes

Oppo theme store download

This is the beta version of oppo theme store. And it will take much time to release oppo theme store 7 stable version. So give a try before its official stable version launch.

This is also the official version of oppo theme store apk but it is in development phase so it is known as beta version. This version may have some bugs or may not work properly in some devices.

File Size: 32.7MB

Themes store version: 7.0


oppo theme store version information
Version information

Other version download

We hope that you have found this article helpful and downloaded your favourite theme store app on your mobile.

Enjoy the latest version of oppo theme store app in your ColorOS based Oppo mobile.

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