Oppo & Realme Dual Earphones features explained in details

Realme Dual Earphones: Oppo & realme has evolved a new feature called dual audio or dual earphones. Realme devices will receive this feature through OTA in 2020.

The dual earphones feature will be made available for realme devices with Realme UI update. Realme UI is based on Android 10 with the customizations of ColorOS 7.

So in this post, we have explained Oppo & realme dual audio feature in details.

What is Dual earphones in realme

The dual earphone is the new feature added in realme UI update. You can now play your realme smartphone music in two places simultaneously. Means, you can play your device same music in your earphones as well as in Bluetooth earphones.

After enabling dual earphones to feature you can play the same music in your wired or wireless Bluetooth earphones at the same time.

This feature is amazing. This feature may be fun and useful also. If you are with your loved one and you want to dedicate music to your loved one in a crowded place where you don’t want to listen that music or audio on speaker.

Then you can connect you wired and wireless earphones at the same time. And play the same music or audio without disturbing others.

This is a very cool feature.

Pros of Dual Audio feature

  • The wired and the Bluetooth earphones can receive the same audio.
  • The Bluetooth earphones receive phone audio and the wired earphones receive media audio.
  • While receiving any call you can choose one wired earphone to play media and wireless to listen to calls.
realme dual earphone feature: play media & listen calls at the same time
Play music & listen to calls

How to enable dual earphones in realme UI

  • Connect wired & wireless earphones to your mobile.
  • Open the dual earphones settings.
  • Under Media audio option.
  • Enable dual earphones settings.
  • Check wireless Bluetooth earphone option.
  • Check the wired earphone option.
  • You have all done.

Video tutorial

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