Oppo app store download

Oppo app store free download: If you are searching for an oppo app store for your smartphone then you have come at right place. Here we have provided download link to the oppo app store.

Oppo app store is just like Google Play Store and it is also known as Oppo play store. Oppo has renamed oppo app store to the oppo app market.

What is oppo app store

Oppo app store is application software for ColorOS devices to install and download all types of Android apps and games for free. It is quite similar to the Google Play store app. You can download every type of apps and games from the oppo app store.

Oppo app store was launched by oppo electronics for the distribution of android applications for oppo working on ColorOS 3.0 and later. You can download and install the oppo app store in ColorOS 3 and later version devices.

Oppo app store or oppo app market is pre-installed in oppo and realme devices based on ColorOS 3.0 and above.

You can now download many Android applications using Oppo App Market. There are an array of apps that are categorized from Music, Social Apps & Video, Office, Games, Photography, Books & Reading, Health, Transportation and a lot more.

Oppo app store features

Oppo app store has many features. So just download the oppo app market from the download link given in the post below and open it.

oppo app store app review and oppo app market
Oppo app market

Navigate through Oppo app store


Once you have installed the oppo app store in your smartphone just open it. When you open the oppo app market then you will see the interface as shown in the image below. You can now navigate to Games, Apps, Top and general categories.

oppo app store home and oppo app market
Oppo app market home


Tap on the game’s option given below bottom of the screen to see all types of games available in the oppo app market to download. Now you can also click on categories option is given on top of the screen. And here you see all types of games categories as shown in the image below.

oppo app store games option oppo app market
Oppo App Market Games


Tap on the Apps option given on the bottom of the screen to see all types of apps available in this app store. You can also click on category option to see all types of app categories.

oppo apps store app categories
Oppo App Store Apps


Tap on the Top option to find the top and trending apps and games available on Oppo App Market.

oppo app store top apps and games
Oppo App Store Top apps & games


Tap General to manage the oppo App Market. You will find many options here like – App Updates, Downloads, Uninstall Apps, Help & feedback and the Settings. Your Oppo App Market ID will be the default email ID.

oppo app market general option
Oppo App Market General Option

App Updates

You can update all apps installed in your smartphone in App update option under General option. You can update individual apps or click on update all to update all apps in just a click.

oppo app store App updates option
Oppo App Market Update option


You can find the download option under general option. Here you can find all recently installed apps and apps still installing.

oppo app store download
oppo app store download

Uninstall apps

You can also uninstall apps from your mobile using oppo app market. You can find a list of all third-party apps in this option.

uninstall apps using oppo app store app market
Uninstall apps using Oppo App store

Help & Feedback

If you are having any issue like not finding any application in the Oppo App Market, a problem in updating the software or just wanting to know the steps to turn off Auto-update apps via Wi-Fi. You can send feedback directly to the oppo app store technical team for specific issues.

oppo app market help & feedback
Help & Feedback App Market

Oppo App Store free download

Here you can download the oppo app store which is also known as Oppo App Market. Download link to this app is given below.


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