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What is the Google Camera (Gcam): Google Camera (Gcam) is also an Android application like other camera apps. Google camera is developed by Google for its Android smartphones like Google pixel devices.

Google camera is officially supported by Google Pixel devices only.

What is Google Camera

Google is an application software developed by Google for Android devices. Gcam or Gcam is the best ever camera software available for Android mobiles. It is officially supported in Google Pixel devices only.

Google camera development was first started in 2011. And initially, it was supported in all devices working on KitKat and above Android version devices. But currently, it is officially supported in Google Pixel devices only.

Some developer has modified google camera app and made available for other smartphones also.

The Gcam was first made available on Google Play store publically on April 26, 2014. And it was removed from Google Play Store on Feb 17, 2016.

What is google camera
Google Camera App UI

What is the use of Google camera

Google Camera is used to capture amazing & ultimate photographs right from your Android mobile camera. Google camera produces excellent quality pictures. Google camera works on picture processing. It processes the image to decrease noise, improve colours and more.

Gcam also provides various features & function. By using all these features provided in Gcam you can take your smartphone camera to the next level.

Google camera supported devices

Officially supported devices

Only Google Pixel devices are supported officially by Google Camera (Gcam).

Other supported devices

All smartphones with Cam2Api enabled are supported by Gcam. Android Pie and above devices are launched with Cam2Api enabled by default. (Few devices may not support).

All realme devices after ColorOS 6 update support Gcam.

All Xiaomi Redmi devices after MiUi 10 update support google camera by default.

Force supported

Any smartphone can be forced to support google camera. But this method required a few technical knowledge. You need to root your device and then enable Cam2Api and more.

Google camera features

Google camera uses hardware accelerators for image processing which help Gcam to produce ultimate photographs.

There are so many features available in Gcam which are as follows:


HDR stand for High dynamic range. It was first introduced for Nexus 6. This feature takes continuous burst shots with short exposures and combines them to make a single photo. HDR+ also reduce sky noise and improve colours. It also reduces motion blurs.

Motion Photos

This feature shots a short, silent and low-resolution video clip paired with the original photo. This feature in Google camera is similar to HTC Zoe and iOS Live Photo.

Video Stabilization

Fused video stabilization of Gcam, it is the combination of Electronic/Digital image stabilization and optical image stabilization. This feature produces a smoother video. Good video stabilization can produce very smooth videos even while running & shooting videos with a mobile camera.

Super Res Zoom

By using this feature you can capture very sharp images while zooming. This technique sets the camera lens to produce very high-resolution images for example Google claims that the Pixel 4 can capture 8x zoom at the near-optical quality.


Smart burst can be used to capture many photos with a single click. Smart burst can be enabled by long pressing on the shutter button. This feature produces 10 images per second and highlights the best pictures captured.

Google Camera Functions

Slow Motion

A video in slow motion can be recorded with slow-motion mode using google camera app.


In the panorama mode many photos can be captured at a time and these all photos will be combined automatically to make a single photo. There are four modes of panorama in Google camera, Which are as follows: Horizontal, Vertical, wide-angle and fisheye.

Photo Sphere

Google camera allows users to capture photos in a 360-degree view. These photos can be added in HTML code and can be uploaded at any google services.


Portrait mode is the best way to take a selfie with your mobile for DSLR like effect. In portrait mode background becomes blurry and the focused object looks clear. This mode is available in google camera and useful for a selfie.

AR sticker

AR sticker is the feature in Google camera which allows you to add AR sticker/objects in photo and video.

Google Lens

Google lens option in google camera is powered by google lens and allows the mobile camera to identify and copy text.

Gcam apk download


We hope that you liked this article and found helpful to you. You can also download and install Google Camera mod apk in your Android mobile. And you can capture photos using different features given in Google Camera app. Gcam app for Android mobile is just amazing.

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