True wireless Realme Buds Air review in details

Realme Buds Air Review: The true wireless realme buds air has officially launched today on 17 December 2019 in India. So in this post, we are going to do a detailed review of realme buds including price, features and design.

Realme is the first smartphone brand to launch true wireless earphones at 3,999 prices in India. Realme will also launch these realme buds air in other parts of the world very soon.

Realme Buds Air Official Teaser

Realme has brought a new revolution in the world of tech gadgets by releasing its true wireless Realme Buds Air.

The all-new realme Buds Air offers a truly wireless experience that is free from the shackles of cables, giving you true music freedom.

Realme Buds Air Features Review


These buds have Custom R1 chip specially designed for wireless buds.

Elevating the true wireless experience to the next level is the custom R1 chip with Bluetooth 5.0 that enables an instant and stable connection between the earbuds and the phone, better battery performance, and accessible smart controls.

Super Low Latency Mode

Normal Bluetooth earphones or headphone have a delay in the real-time sound produced by smartphone and sound listening in ears with Bluetooth earphones. So realme has used a dedicated custom R1 chip to overcome this issue. This issue creates problems during gameplay.

So there is a super low latency mode is provided in these buds for gaming and that can be enabled by long-pressing both earbuds at the same time.

Realme buds air processor custom R1 chip
Custom R1 Chip

Wear detection

Realme buds air has a built-in sensor to wear detection. Music will stop playing automatically if you remove your buds from your ears. And music will again start playing if you again wear earbuds.

This feature is helpful to save buds power and it may also save your precious time. And it’s a cool feature.

smart in ear detection
Auto In-ear detection

Open up Auto connection

The Realme Buds Air can be paired with a simple press of a button, and once paired, whenever you open the case cover, the realme Buds Air recognizes and connects to your phone instantly, giving you a seamless music experience.

realme air buds open up auto connection
Instant Bluetooth connection

Wireless charging

These buds come with Type-C charging port. There are two ways to charge these buds. You can charge them with the type-C charging port and wirelessly.

Realme buds air comes with a wireless charging case but wireless charging stand is not provided with the package. You need to purchase a 10W wireless charger additionally.

Dual Mic for Calling

dual mic for noise cancellation in earphones
Dual Mic for Noise Cancellation

Dynamic bass boost driver

Realme Air Buds produce a powerful sound with a 12mm big bass driver.

Get a powerful sound experience with an imported LCP advanced multi-layer composite diaphragm and a big 12mm sound unit. Thunderous bass hits without compromising on the original richness and fidelity of the sound.

realme air buds dynamic bass boost driver
Dynamic Bass Boost Driver

Battery Backup

Realme Buds Air delivers a total of 17 hrs of music playback battery backup. So if you listen to music daily for 03 hrs then you need not to charge your buds for 6 days.


Realme buds air is lighter than A4 size paper sheet. An A4 size paper sheet weight is 4.3g and realme one air bud weight is 4.2g. It’s amazing.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • GFP (Google Fast Pair Technology)
  • 10 metes Effective Range

Realme Laboratory tests report

Realme has claimed certain test with realme air buds air shared data on their official website. Realme Lab data is as follows:

Test NameNo. of times
Drop Test12,000
Charging case
open & close test
Charging port
stability test
Power On Off test5,000
Button waterproof test2,500
Temperature test
336 hrs

Realme Buds air touch control review

Realme buds air sports touch control and do four types of different jobs. Toch control is as follows:

Double Click

  • Answer a call.
  • Play/Pause music playback.

Triple Click

  • Skip to next music playback.

Long press on one side

  • End or decline a call.
  • Launch voice assistant.

Long press both sides

  • Enter the Gaming mode.
  • Exit the gaming mode.

Realme buds colour variants

Realme buds air is available in three colour variants – yellow, black and white, with each one stylish in its own way.

realme buds air colour variants
Realme buds air colour variants

Realme Buds Air India price review

These buds are available at a price of 3,999 Rs without the wireless charger. This is an amazing price for these Air Buds. Everybody was expecting these Buds at 4,999 Rs.

In-Box Contents

  • Buds
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide Book
  • No charging Adaptor

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