Google Camera for Realme X and Google camera apk download

Google camera for realme X: Google camera is really amazing with advanced features. And it is now available for realme X. Few developers have modified Google camera and made it supported for Realme X. Here you can download google camera apk for realme X.

We have provided the download link to stable google camera for realme X. You can find the latest version and the popular version for your realme X.

Realme X sports 48MP + 05MP dual rear camera setup. It also has a 16MP selfie camera. You can capture beautiful photos with its default camera app. But you can Google camera for realme X is amazing. You can capture great photographs with Gcam for Realme X.

Google camera for realme X

Google Pixel smartphone default camera app also know as Google camera or Gcam is now also available for Realme X. Special thanks to the developers who are working hard to make Gcam available for realme X.

Here we have two versions of Google camera modified by different developers. First, we start with the latest available stable Gcam for realme X.

Google Camera app for Realme X

Google Camera App 7.0 download

File Size: 131MB

Gcam Version: 7.0 (latest version)


(Download Gcam 6.2 if this doesn’t work for you)

This version of Gcam app may not be stable for realme X as it is not specially designed for realme X. Its is a pixel 4 camera app and modified for realme X & XT. We have tried this version in Realme XT. It is working quite fine in Realme XT.

We request you to try Gcam 7.0 in your realme X and leave feedback in comment box to help other realme X users.

Astrophotography mode in realme X

Google has introduced Astrophotograpy mode in its camera app version 7.0 for pixel devices. You can also use Astrophotography mode in realme X with Google camera app. You need to do a few settings to capture the sky with Google camera.

Click Here to know how to enable AstroPhotography mode in Realme X with Google Camera.

Gcam AstroPhototgrapy

Gcam Apk 6.2 for realme X

This is the most popular version of Gcam apk for realme X. As this is the most stable version available for realme X.

Gcam Version: 6.2

File Size: 6.2.030 (Most popular)


Features of this version

  • Added HDR+ feature
  • Added exposure compensation
  • Added custom HDR+ denoise
  • Added colour capture support
  • Fixed multi-lens mode

How to install Google Camera (Gcam) in realme X

It is very simple to install the Google Camera (Gcam) in realme X. As you have to simply install it as a normal app.

You need no root in your realme X to install it.

Realme has provided support for Gcam officially with an update. As realme has already provided support for Cam2Api and enabled port required by Google camera after ColorOS 6 Update.

Follow the simple steps to install Google Camera in Realme X:

  • Download the required a version of Gcam for above links.
  • Install Gcam as an app.
  • Enable advanced mode.
  • Try changing a few settings.

We hope that you found this article helpful and downloaded the required version of google camera for realme X.

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