Enable Astrophotography mode in Gcam | Google Camera tutorial

AstroPhotography mode in Google Camera: This article is about capturing night sky photographs. It can be done by enabling Astrophotography mode in Gcam.

Google has launched its new smartphone Google Pixel 4 on 24 October 2019. Google Pixel 4 is launched with the 12.2MP + 16MP dual rear camera setup. Still, it is much batter than other 64MP Quad camera smartphone in camera performance. It is just because of Google Camera software.

What is google camera app

Google camera app uses a series of algorithms to process the captured images. And it produces an ultimate picture. No other Android camera app is capable of doing such post-image processing.

So Google Camera app is having a great role in capturing a good image. Now few developers have provided Google camera mod apk files for other smartphones. They have ported google camera and made compatible for other Android smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and more.

Enable AstoPhotograpy in Google camera

Google has introduced Astro Photography feature in Google Camera version 7 and later. You can now capture sky with google camera. You just have to do a few settings in Google camera V 7.0 to enable Astrophotography in Google camera.

  • Download Google Camera V 7.0 & above.
  • Install Google camera 7 in your Android Mobile.
  • Open the google camera 7 app.

You may not find Astrophotograhy feature in the Google Camera app. You have to enable it from Google camera app settings.

Follow the given below simple steps to capture sky with your Android mobile:

  • On the Google Camera home screen, swipe down to open camera settings.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down and click on Developer Settings.
  • Under Developer Settings option check these options.
    1. camera.cuttle.darken
    2. camera.cuttle.extended
    3. camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst
Google Camera Astrophotography settings
Google Camera Astrophotography settings

Now again come to google camera home screen, go to Night Sight mode and swipe down to open settings UI. And set the following parameters:

  • Set focus to infinity
  • Set timer to 3s
google camera settings for astrophotogrphy
Google Camera Settings

Settings part is done. Now select the Night Sight mode in Google Camera. You night sight mode has turned to Astrophotography Mode.

You have completely enabled Astrophotography mode in Gcam.

Now you can capture the sky with your Android mobile.

Note: Google camera will take 33 seconds to capture a single image so you have to keep your camera static. Use a tripod to capture the sky as it will help your smartphone to keep static.

Video tutorial of Astophotograpy in Gcam

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