Realme theme store 6.5 for oppo & realme download

Realme theme store 6.5 review: Oppo & Realme devices started getting theme store 6.4.3 with font style change option and many brand new themes & wallpapers.

Here we have found the standalone latest version of ColorOS theme store app with version 6.5. We have provided a download link to ColorOS theme store 6.5. So in this post, we are going to review realme theme store 6.5 in detail.

We have also added a few images of realme theme store 6.5.

Realme Theme store 6.5 Highlights

New features

  • Font style change option added.
  • You can now earn points in theme store by daily check-in.
  • Help & feedback has more options.
  • Added favourite option to Me.
  • You can get theme store info in Bulletin under Me option.


  • Font style change option has been added.
  • Many font style options to change.
  • Added so many new interesting themes.
  • New wallpapers added.
  • Theme store settings UI optimized.
  • You can try paid fonts & fonts for two hours.


  • All fonts are paid or trial version.
  • Most of the beautiful themes are paid.
  • Themes can not be applied to the notification bars, contacts and other apps.

ColorOS Theme store 6.5 Download link

We have provided the download link to ColorOS theme store 6.5 with font style option. Many new themes have been added to the theme store app.


Realme theme store review

ColorOS theme store 6.5 apk download for oppo realme devices


Kecoins are also known as Koko coins. Koko coins are the virtual currency used to buy themes and fonts in oppo realme theme store.

You can top up KoKo coins via Paytm, SMS payment, game cash cards and more. The exchange rate between Koko coins and your local currency will be displayed when you go to top up in theme store.


Reward points are a value-added service available in App Market, Game Center and Theme store. After you sign in to your account reward points earned in all apps are accumulated. They can’t be redeemed to cash or transferred to others.

Points mall

You can use your earned points to avail offers on different platforms.


You can find all of your downloaded font, wallpapers and themes at a single place in Download option in Under Me in theme store.


All the news related to the theme store app will be published here.

Help & Feedback

You can find most asked questions answer under Help & Feedback option. You can also send your feedback directly to the theme store developer directly in this option.

Theme Store app 6.4.3 review Video

Theme store version 6.5 is similar to ColorOS theme store 6.5 for oppo and realme devices. So you can also see the demo video given below for ColorOS theme store 6.4.3.

Theme Store 6.5 summary

I got theme store 6.4.3 on 21 December 2019 on my Realme XT device with December month RMX1921EX_11.A.14 OTA.

ColorOS theme store 6.5 has still not pushed in oppo and realme devices through OTA updates. As this is in the Beta stage, hence it is less stable. ColorOS theme store developers are still working on it to make it smooth and stable for good user experience.

This is the most awaited realme theme store update for me as this includes font style change option.

But I am actually very disappointed after getting this theme store app because there is no single free font style found in this theme store version.

There are so many font styles in this theme store but all are paid. So these things make this theme store app useless.

So many beautiful and premium themes are added in this theme store app but all of these newly added themes are paid.

Few new features under Me option are added as you can now earn points by daily check-in in this app.

My Opinion about theme store 6.5

All theme in the theme store app must be free of cost as we have already paid when we have purchased oppo Realme smartphone.

Many new font style option is added by all are paid so useless for me. I don’t want to waste my money just to purchased font styles.

Theme store app user interface must be very simple and attractive. Like it must be used for wallpapers, live wallpapers, themes and fonts.

I don’t think that earning points from theme store app is useful for me as I am personally not interested in earning points from there.

There is no Live Wallpaper in this theme store. Oppo realme should add live wallpaper option to this theme store app.

Overall the theme store app has grown up but it’s going in a different direction. Oppo realme should consider these things.

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