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Soloop video editor app: Oppo has added built-in video editor app in ColorOS 7 for all oppo realme devices. Soloop Video editor app in ColorOS 7 a good video editor. It is very simple and fast application.

Soloop video editor is just like all other built-in video editor app. Soloop video editor app is best for beginners because of the simple interface. It is not very useful for professional video editors.

latest Soloop video editor home
Soloop video editor home

Soloop Video Editor

Soloop video editor app is only for ColorOS 7 devices but here we have made it available for every smartphone. Some developers have extracted it from the ColorOS 7 operating system and converted it into a simple app which can be installed in any Android mobile.

Soloop Video editor features

It provides basic video editing features. It is very useful for beginners because of its very simple user interface. It is simple, fast and easy to use the app. Features of this app are as follow;

Smart Templates

It has 14 pre-designed smart templates like Show you, Champion, Travel Diary and more. You select any of them and apply to your videos.


You can add many videos and photos and make a single video. You can also crop any part of the video or multiple video clips.


Soloop video editor has pre-designed filters. You can add any of them to your video editing project. It has 16 types of filters including Meet, Twilight, Amber and more.


You can add subtitle up to 100 characters to any part of the video. You can also change the colour of the subtitle.


You can mute original audio or soundtracks to any video and you can also add music to any video clip with Soloop video editor.

More Features

  • You can also add watermark to your video.
  • You can also remove the watermark from your output video. Watermark option is optional.
  • You can also set export resolution 1080P or 720P.

Soloop Video editor limitations

  • Soloop video editor doesn’t support 4K output resolution.
  • It doesn’t support multiple layers.
  • It’s a basic video editing app and less useful for professional video editors.

Download Soloop Video Editor

For all ColorOS devices (Older version)

File Size: 24MB

File Type: Apk


Latest Version

File Size: 41MB

File type: Apk

Apk version: 1.9.4

File Source: Apk file extracted from Realme XT


Soloop Video Editor tutorial

Official video tutorial by Oppo

Tutorial 2

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