ColorOS 7 app Breeno Feed apk download for oppo realme devices

Breeno Feed apk download: Oppo and realme devices started getting ColorOS 7 update through OTA. ColorOS 7 update brings many new features and UI improvement in oppo & realme devices.

In this post, we have added a download link to ColorOS 7 Breeno feed app.

What is Breeno Feed

Breeno Feed is an app developed by Oppo for all ColorOS devices. It is the upgraded version of ColorOS 6 existing app Smart Assistant. The User Interface of Smart Assistant is changed and it is being upgraded to Breeno Feed in ColorOS 7 update.

The Smart Assistant is being replaced by Breeno Feed. From here you can download Breeno feed app and install in your ColorOS devices. You can enjoy ColorOS 7 features right now in your oppo or realme smartphones.

You will not see Smart Assistant after ColorOS 7 update in ColorOS devices as it Breeno Feed is going to replace it.

breeno feed vs smart assistant in coloros
Breeno Feed vs Smart Assistant

Breeno Feed Review & first look

As we have told above in this post that Breeno feed is the upgraded version of Smart Assistant in ColorOS 7 devices. This feature will be added in the ColorOS 7 update in all oppo realme devices.

breeno feed added apps to quick functions
Added Apps to Quick Functions in Breeno Feed

Breeno Feed settings and features

Breeno feed is similar to existing Smart Assistant in ColorOS devices. So you can still customize it according to your choice.

Permanent Services

There are permanent services available in Breeno Feed like Quick Function, Weather, Steps Tracker and Games.

Quick Functions

You can add or remove apps in Quick Functions according to your choice. You can add your most used or favourite apps here.


You can get live weather updates for the current location.

Steps Tracker

Steps tracker automatically count your steps on a daily basis and show an estimate distance walked by you every day.


It is a new feature added in Breeno Feed.

Dynamic Services

The service cards in Breeno Feed appear, disappear themselves automatically. Like Trip management, online orders and events will show in this block. They will disappear if after the event has passed.

Breeno Feed services and settings
Breeno Feed services & settings

Breeno Feed Download

We have added a download link for Breeno feed apk file. This app can be installed in any oppo or ColorOS devices.



We hope that you have downloaded Breeno feed apk from the download link given above in this post. This app work in all oppo and realme devices. Download Breeno Feed app to enjoy ColorOS 7 upcoming features right now in your smartphone.

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