What is VOOC charging, VOOC full form & Super VOOC

What is VOOC charging, VOOC full form & Super VOOC: VOOC charging is the name of the technology used by Oppo and Realme in their smartphones. VOOC charging is used to fast charge smartphones.

VOOC technology was first developed in 2014 by Oppo electronics. And its successor version has already introduced in 2018 name as Super VOOC charging.

So in this post, we are going to discuss a few questions related to VOOC fast charging technology developed by oppo. We will also discuss how much safe is VOOC flash charging.

What is VOOC Charging

VOOC charging is the rapid/fast charge technology developed by Oppo electronics in 2014. VOOC flash charging is capable of charging smartphones from 0-75% just in 30 minutes.

VOOC Charging technology uses a higher current than normal chargers. It operates at 5V and 4A. It charges mobile at higher current in the initial stage and decreases the current for safety purposes.

So VOOC charging is safe and convenient. This fast charging technology circuit lowers the temperature of the charging adapter and it also creates an interface between the charging adapter and smartphone which improve charging speed and safety of the charge.

VOOC fast charging uses a special type of adapter and cable to charge smartphones safely at 25W without overheating.

what is vooc charging and vooc full form
What is VOOC charging

VOOC Full Form

VOOC stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging.

VOOC is not just a term, it is a smartphone fast charging technology. VOOC word is four letters long but VOOC full form is so long.

The mobile charging technology Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging is written as VOOC in short form.

Versions of VOOC charging

As of 2019, VOOC charging technology has three different versions which are as follows:

  • VOOC 2.0 Flash charging (Normal VOOC)
  • VOOC 3.0 flash charging
  • SuperVOOC Flash charging

VOOC 3.0 output

VOOC 3.0 is the different successor of VOOC 2.0 (Normal VOOC). And VOOC 3.0 is capable of 23.8% faster charging than normal VOOC.

VOOC 3.0 has an output of 5V, 5A (25W), whereas normal VOOC has an output of 5V, 4A.

Super VOOC Flash charging

Super VOOC is the successor of Oppo VOOC Flash charging technology. Super VOOC can charge a smartphone battery fully in just 35 minutes.

Super VOOC charging speed
Super VOOC Flash charging

Super VOOC uses two cells (battery) in combination to deliver maximum charging power close to 50W. And Super VOOC is the four times faster-charging speed than normal charging speed.

Super VOOC vs VOOC vs Normal Charging comparison

super vooc vs vooc vs norma charging technology graph
SuperVOOC vs VOOC vs Normal Charge
TechnologyPowerCharging Time
Super VOOC50W35 minutes
VOOC 3.025W1 hr 9 min
VOOC 2.020W1 hr 26 min
Normal Charging10W2 hrs 30 min

If Phone won’t charge or charge slowly

  1. Use the original charging cable and charging adapter (company certified).
  2. Check your mobile charging cable and charging adapter for signs of damage and make sure firm connections. Use another charging cable and USB adapter and try again.
  3. Check the charging temperature and the surrounding temperature. Charging the smartphone at temperatures above 45 °C will decrease battery performance, resulting in slower charging speed.
  4. Close background apps and avoid using your phone while charging.
  5. Try to charge your mobile while shutdown.

Is it safe to use VOOC charger

In Compare with conventional high current protection technologies, VOOC technology has 5 levels of protective layering from the adaptor to the port and interior of the phone.

The VOOC technology has replaced the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU, effectively preventing your mobile phone from overheating while charging.

As we have heard many cases of blasting Samsung and iPhone due to overcharging and overheating so nothing is safe like that. But Oppo claims that VOOC charging is very safe to use. For more details, you can refer to this article.


We hope that you liked what is VOOC charging technology article and found it helpful and informative. If you have any question or feedback then let us know in the comment box below. We will be happy to answer your questions. And your feedback is always appreciated.

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