Google camera for realme XT & Download working stable realme XT Gcam

Google camera for Realme XT: You have purchased Realme XT then you must be photography lower so you can improve your photography skills with Google Camera (Gcam). Here we have the best stable working Google camera for realme XT.

Download link to stable realme XT Gcam is given below in the post. You can download and install in your realme XT.

Realme XT sport 64MP Quad rear camera setup. Realme XT also captures ultimate snapshots. Click Here for Realme XT all modes samples.

Google camera is a software application designed by Google for its Pixel Android devices. Some developers have modified Google Camera and made available for other android mobiles also. Google camera app is the best ever camera app available in the world for Android devices.

Realme XT Google Camera (Gcam)

Realme XT doesn’t require the rooting device to use Google camera in it. As realme has already enabled Cam2Api in Realme XT. Realme has already provided support functionality required to use Google camera in mobile.

So you need not worry about setting and all. Just download the Gcam from the download link given below and start exploring your photography skills.

google camera for realme xt
Realme XT Gcam 7.0

Download Realme XT Gcam

Camera Version: Gcam 7.0 Final build V14

File Size: 131MB

Features: All features are enabled in this google camera for realme XT. AstroPhotography feature is enabled by default in this Gcam version.


What’s New in the new Google Camera 7.0

  • The main UI of the app is now fully transparent.
  • Updated Night Sight with Infinity Focus.
  • AR Photobooth feature.
  • Motion Blur and more.

Also, try this version

Camera version: Gcam 6.1 for Realme XT

File Size: 128MB


Downloading and installing Gcam in Realme XT is not sufficient you need to do few settings to capture best snapshots. Follow the given below steps for best settings:

Open Google Camera App >> More >> Settings >> Advanced >> Enable.
Enable Google Photos
HDR+ Control
Use HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait Mode
Tripod Mode
Manual Mode
Set Portrait Mode to Pixel 2 & 3 Default (1.5X)

Again, open Settings
Set Back Camera as Pixel 3 XL and Front as Pixel XL.
Set Quality HDR+ to High 16
Set Libs to IQsharpv3
Turn On Pixel AWB Mode
Use AWB gains mode

You can download and install the Gcam in your realme XT mobile. You need not root your realme XT to use Gcam as Google Camera required Cam2Api enabled and Gcam Mods.

Realme is providing Cam2Api support in all its smartphones released with ColorOS 6 or later. Realme has also provided Cam2Api support for all of its previously launched devices with android Update.

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