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Custom ROM for Realme 2 Pro: There are so many custom ROM available for Realme 2 Pro on the Internet. And most of them are stable ROMs. So in this post, we are going to discuss a few top-level custom ROMs for Realme 2 Pro.

We have also provided the direct download link to the top custom ROM for Realme 2 Pro.

What is Custom ROM

Custom ROM for any smartphone is the operating system developed by developers other than the smartphone manufacturer.

Or in other words, it is the firmware developed and provided by open source projects or independent developers, companies other than smartphone manufacturer.

Android is the property of Google but Google has provided source code for its Android operating system so that anyone can customize the stock Android and make its own customized user interface.

What is Stock ROM

Stock ROM is also known as the stock firmware. Stock ROM is the operating system which comes pre-installed in any smartphone. It is provided by the smartphone manufacturer company.

Why we need Custom ROM

Stock ROM that comes pre-installed in any device has so many limitations like so many bloatware are pre-installed in stock ROM. Many people like simple and Stock Android user interface but Stock ROM are bulkier and sometimes not easy to use.

But Custom ROM can be lite, fast and simple if you choose the right ROM. You can customize Custom ROM according to your requirement. You can add system apps and add unlimited apps in it.

You can easily root custom ROMs as compare to stock ROMs. Custom ROMs provide more flexibility to their users.

Custom ROM for Realme 2 Pro

We have plenty of stable Custom ROMs for Realme 2 Pro. Before flashing custom ROM in your Realme 2 Pro you must have to install custom recovery in your mobile. TWRP recovery is the most popular recovery. Click Here to Download Stable Custom TWRP Recovery for Realme 2 Pro.

OxygenOS Remix ROM

OxygenOS remix ROM is completely different from ColorOS. It will provide you realme OxygenOS by OnePlus experience in your realme 2 Pro. It is also rebased ROM from ColorOS and OxygenOS for the best performance and stability. But it still provides you OxygenOS like experience.

You can see the user interface and overview of OxygenOS remix ROM in the youtube video given below:

Download link to OxygenOS Remix V3 for Realme 2 Pro



LineageOS 16 Custom ROM Realme 2 Pro

LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM for Android smartphones. LineageOS is stable ROM with simple easy to use User Interface.

It is the open-source Operating system for tablets and smartphones based on the Android platform. It is the successor of the most popular CyanogenMod custom ROM for smartphones.

LineageOS 16 ROM for RMX 1801


Lite OS 6.0 V2 for Realme 2 Pro

Lite OS 6.0 V2 is the lite version of Stock ColorOS 6 version for Realme 2 Pro. Or in other words, LiteOS 6.0 is the custom version of firmware that comes pre-installed in Realme 2 Pro. This ROM is lite, fast, stable and simple.

Many unnecessary features are removed from this ROM, so this ROM is very simple and lite. You can still flash your required features separately in this ROM. You can also download and install the lite version of the android apps. Download link to lite apps and additional features are given in download link.

Video for LiteOS 6.0 V2 for realme 2 pro

LiteOS 6.0 v2 for RMX 2 Pro



AOSP Extended ROM for Realme 2 Pro

AOSP Extended ROM is based on stock UI/UE ROM with various customization options. It is the ROM made by the user for the users. This Custom ROM for Realme 2 Pro has a g-free user interface.


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