How to setup always-on display in Realme XT – What is always on display

Always on display Realme XT: You must have heard always-on display, so in this article, you will come to know what does always-on display mean. AOD is the feature which came in the highlight in 2019. Now many smartphone brands provide this feature as a built-in feature.

Always-on display feature is very useful in devices with AMOLED screen. It consumes battery more than normal mode but it doesn’t consume much battery. This feature is not available in normal screen smartphones. Because in normal screen smartphones it can drain hight amount of battery.

What is always on display (AOD)

With this feature, you can display information such as clock and date even when your smartphone screen is off. Or in other words, AOD allows you to customise your screen to show date, time, day, battery status, notifications and screen savers. AOD also consume mobile battery.

AOD is just like a screen saver. Years ago, you must have seen screen saver option in Nokia feature phones. You could set date/time or clock to the screen saver in older Nokia devices.

So AOD is nothing, but it is just like a screen saver. If you enable AOD in your smarptphone then it will prevent your mobile screen to sleep. Your smartphone screen will be always kept off after enabling this feature. You can set date and time as the always-on display.

Your mobile screen will be kept blank and clock widget starts floating on the black screen. So you need not press any button to wake up your screen, it is always on.

This feature is mainly available in AMOLED display devices. It may be available on normal mobile screens but it is not much effective in normal display smartphones because it can drain your battery faster if enabled.

Screen-off clock increases power consumption and it will be automatically disabled if the battery level is lower than 10%. It will work if your device is connected to power source and battery is lower than 10%.

Realme XT always-on display

You can set always on display in your realme XT. This procedure is the same in all ColorOS 6 devices but AOD is not available in all oppo realme devices. So check if always-on display available in your device and set it now by following the given below steps.

Open System setting in your mobile.

Realme XT AOD Setting
Realme XT AOD Setting

Click on Display & Brightness.

Realme XT always on display Setting

Click on Screen-Off Clock.

realme XT always on display setup

Here enable the Screen-Off Clock option and set the timing as required. You should set this timing in the day time. You can set from your average waking time to average sleeping time. It is your choice for what time you want to set it.

what is always on display

You have all done you can now enjoy the always-on display in your realme XT mobile.

In realme devices, you can only set an always-on display. You cannot customize always-on display content. But in Samsung devices, you can change theme of AOD. You can also set a few images to AOD screen with date and time. There are plenty of clock designs available in Samsung latest devices.

Always on display battery

You must always remember always-on display use battery. But it doesn’t use much battery. It only uses the battery when it is enabled and your phone is idle. It doesn’t drain when you are using your smartphone.

It only drains a little amount of battery to work. You can also find out its battery usage in battery status in system settings.

Always on display brightness

AOD is having a black background. So it is having very less brightness. And you cannot change the brightness level of always-on display separately. Brightness of the always-on display is controlled by system brightness settings.

As AOD is having a dark theme so it drains very less amount of battery.

Always on display Apk

If your device doesn’t have an always-on display feature, then you can use a third-party app from google play store to use this feature. But you must know that this feature is best for AMOLED screen type smartphones. As this AOD drains the battery to work and AMOLED screen use less battery as compared to normal display.

So it will be better if you use this feature in AMOLED devices only.

Download always-on display if you want to try from download links given below.



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